Charon's Ferry was a heavily modified Firespray-31 patrol craft and a sister ship to Aron Kellemann's Seventh Circle. It was similarly armed and equipped as the Seventh Circle, but with a few differences; for instance, where the Circle was armed with four laser cannon and four missile launchers, the Charon's Ferry traded in one of the missile launchers for an ion cannon. Also, with the addition of the room it no longer needed for the magazine of that launcher, the Charon's Ferry could carry an additional passenger for a total of five including the pilot.

Charon's Ferry was owned and maintained as part of a discretionary fleet within the Osarian Guard

Behind the Scenes Edit

The name "Charon's Ferry" is inspired by Greek mythology in which Charon is the ferryman who shuttles doomed souls across the Styx River to Hell. The figure of Charon and his ferry are more recently seen in Dante's Inferno, where he fills the same purpose.

The original Charon's Ferry in the JvS Universe was an assault shuttle, and the namesake of a class of shuttles. That class remains in the Universe, produced by Chyornov Combat Systems. Given the nature of the shuttle--ferrying soldiers into the hell of battle--the name was rather appropriate.

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