The Ysanna are the native inhabitants of Ossus, and descendants of Jedi, born of the Cron Supernovae. They managed to survive as hunter-gatherers on Ossus, eventually forgetting all but a sliver of what was their heritage.


Return to the GalaxyEdit

In 10 ABY, during the reign of the cloned Emperor Palpatine, Luke Skywalker and Kam Solusar arrived looking for ancient Jedi artifacts and knowledge. During their search, they came across some Ysanna, who tried to dispatch the visitors. The fighting was halted when Imperial forces, under Sedriss, arrived. This new battle turned in Luke's favor when Sedriss, hostage in hand, backed up against Ood Bnar, a Neti Jedi Master. Bnar killed Sedriss, and sacrificed himself in the process. Okko, a renowned tribal leader, allowed Skywalker and Solusar to take Jem (the hostage) and her brother Rayf, and train them as Jedi. He was, however, reluctant to allow others to follow. Jem died on New Alderaan trying to save Skywalker, Rayf died on Onderon. Okko, and two others were trapped in carbonite, but were unable to be freed from it. After all this, Ossus was once again open to the public.

JvS timelineEdit

Many Ysanna have, since the days of Luke Skywalker, trained in the ways of the Jedi, even if they do not take on the title. For virtually all Ysanna, such training is considered essential. Though they were by nature of their past, hunter gatherers descendant of Jedi, they are not as primitive as many might suspect. Some have taken to technical jobs, and have pursued business of many kinds.

Jaecyn Riddick, a Grey Jedi Master and an Ysanna, became the Watchman of Ossus. Suspecting that the Sith would probably try to strike or seize Ossus, as they have done in the past, he set about acquiring a military force to defend it, a force also manned by Ysanna. Suspicions proved to be correct, though often, the attacks were small and unorganized. The biggest surprise, however, was a successful attempt by the Mandalorians to seize control of Ossus. What wasn't so surprising was that the Sith were behind all of it. Many Ysanna were evacuated after the battle, leaving Riddick bitterly disappointed, angered, and feeling ashamed. Many of the Ysanna, rightfully disappointed by the outcome of the battle for their home, didn't blame Riddick so much as they blamed several other factors for the outcome; factors such as fleet restrictions, and that at least one of Ossus' allies failed to show up and aid in the battle. Riddick still, however, got a chastising, since he was one of the ranking commanders in the battle.


Society and CultureEdit

The Ysanna's knowledge of the Force was diminished significantly during the several millennia of hardship caused by the Cron Disaster to the point of being just simple tricks used my magicians. Superstition, arising from the artifacts left from a hasty evacuation in 3,996 BBY, took hold. The Ysanna used some of these, sith masks to be specific, to scare off intruders that would try to plunder the Jedi ruins left on Ossus, which were, and still are, considered sacred ground. The Ysanna have a polytheistic religion.

Since being reintegrated into galactic society, the Ysanna undertook Force training as a means of reconnecting with their heritage. Though some do serve as Jedi, many don't, in spite of having been their descendants, and being on amicable terms. They prize knowledge as a worthy thing to seek, even sacred, an outlook coming from their "task" of defending the Great Library of Ossus after the Cron Cataclysm in 3,996 BBY.

Notable YsannaEdit


Jem Ysanna

Rayf Ysanna

Jaecyn Tiberius Riddick

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