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{{quote|Cassus Fett is one of those figures like Darth Vader that’s best used sparingly — he’s often present in name only, where we can see how others react to his mention.|John Jackson Miller|}}
[[Image:Cassus002.jpg|thumb|350px|Cassus - Present Day]]
'''Name:''' Cassus Fett
'''Race:''' [[:Category:Humans|Human]] ([[starwars:Mandalorian|Mandalorian]])
'''Home Planet:''' [[starwars:Concord_Dawn|Concord Dawn]]
'''Age:''' 42
'''Height:''' 6'6"
'''Weight:''' 240lbs pure muscle
'''Hair:''' Black with flecks of grey
'''Eyes:''' Blue
'''Distinguishing features:''' Heavily scarred over torso. Thick scar running down right-hand-side of face, from scalp, through right eye, curling out to below right ear.
'''Affiliations:''' [[starwars:Clan_Fett|Clan Vhett]]/[[Mandalorian Empire]]/Mercenary
'''Specialties:''' Assassination, Stealth, Intel gathering, Fighting, Diplomacy
'''Lightsaber Style:''' [ Ataru] (dual) [ Shien] (single)
*Green [[starwars:Shoto|shotosaber]], Red [[starwars:Shoto|shotosaber]] (primary weapons).
*Silver linksaber (think nunchucks). (Concept created by Cassus)
*2x lightsabers. Gold hilts, with initials on the bottom of the hilt and "everlasting" written in Mandoa on the handles (wedding gift from Rundas)(decorative only)
*A long black-handled crimson lightsaber. Outfitted with 4 Jenruax Crystals and 2 Barbab Ore Ingots. Gold cloth wrapped around the handle give it the impression of an ancient sword. A small insignia on the bottom reads "Fire" (wedding gift from Eragon)(decorative only)
*2x Ruushanian Crafted ancient lightsabers (wedding gift from Lord James)(decorative only)
''Other blades:''
*Polished beskar katana. Infused with Light-side energies, as forged by Cassus during his time serving as one of the 7 Samurai (Toukon of Light), in Zenchou Piteos's "Order of 7".
*Sith battle sword enfused with force enhancing Kybur Crystal (wedding gift from Anon Destromo)(decorative only)
*Dagger. The handle is encrusted with gems and jewels. Fitted with leather as to provide grip. The blade itself is approximately 14 inches long. Upon the cortosis alloy there is the insignia of the True Assassin. Signifying his alliance with the mysterious guild. Also, there are words in Mando'a. These words alter, depending on his thought. Acting almost as a conscience. (wedding gift from Valandil Ar-Feiniel)(decorative only)
*A palm dagger (a hand-shaped dagger that can be worn in the sleeve-when you shrug, it shoots out) engraved with blessing-runes (wedding gift from Ksandra Mallan)(decorative only)
*Cortosis Mandalorian Blade, dates back to the Mandalorian Wars and the Second Sith War (wedding gift from Lord Valstrol)(decorative only)
*2x vibro-handaxes, durasteel
*A cortosis shield that has been reinforced with titanium and platinum. It is studded with pearls and is a brilliant silver. It seems to reflect light an incredibly amplified rate. In the center is an amulet of indestructibility and lines radiate from it forming the Kanji symbol for light (wedding gift from Battousai Navaja)(decorative only)
*[ Wrist-mounted saber-shield] (shortened shoto hilt attached in middle to back of wrist, that spins so fast it creates a sort of "shield" effect). (Concept created by Cassus)
***spectral analysis
***blink activation
***360 degree vision mode
***visual amplification to 10x
***advanced targetting systems with weakness and danger analysis
**computer slaved to Fett Homestead defence network and Firespray
***air filtration up to 40 minutes via scrubbers
***sonic amplification
***sonic dampners
***anti-slice technology
***anti-tamper countermeasures
**remote link to holonet
***5-way firewall security
***encrypted 27-digit remote access coding with daily cycle
**padded lined
**tempered beskar shell
**anti-shatter transparisteel T-visor
**and of course some weapons systems are linked to the HUd too, like the shotoshield for one.
''Other weapons:''
*2 Velocity-7 dart shooter,
**44 Microdart (22 for each)
*** 22 filled with Frika Venom (11 each)
*** 22 empty to be filled with anything (11 each)
Green beskar body kit, matching his armor. Black Mythosaur Skull emblem. The handle is a White Krayt Dragon Pearl with the number 5 inbedded into it. (wedding gift from Xen)
{{Quote|To stop the infection, Cassus amputated the limb. Very like him.|[[Rohlan Dyre]]|Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 28: Vector, Part 4}}
''Lightsaber Form:''
*Form I: Shii-Cho - Moderate
*Form II: Makashi - Moderate
*Form III: Soresu - Moderate
*Form IV: Ataru - Mastered
*Form V: Shien - Mastered
*Form V: Djem So - Mastered
*Form VI: Niman - Moderate
*Form VI: Jar’Kai - Mastered
*Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad - Moderate
*Dun Möch - Mastered
*Brawling - Mastered
*Mandalorian Boxing - Mastered
*Hapkido - Mastered
*Wing Chun - Mastered
*Muay Thai - Mastered
*Teräs Käsi - Mastered
===Force Powers===
* Force Concealment - Adept
* Force Jump - Mastered
* Force Push - Mastered
* Porce Pull - Mastered
** Force Whirlwind - Adept
** Force Wave - Adept
* Force Sense - Mastered
** Farseeing - Beginner
** Force Empathy - Beginner
** Force Seeing - Beginner
* Force Speed - Mastered
* Telepathy - Mastered
** Speech Comprehension - Moderate
* Art of the Small - Moderate
* Battle Meditation - Advanced
* Breath Control - Advanced
* Dopplegänger - Beginner
* Force Bellow - Beginner
* Force Body - Beginner
* Force Comprehension - Moderate
* Force Confusion - Beginner
* Force Consealment - Adept
* Force Deflection - Adept
* Force Flash - Beginner
* Force Illusion - Beginner
* Force Meld - Beginner
* Revitalize - Beginner
* Force Suppression - Beginner
** Force Breach - Beginner
* Force Throw - Mastered
* Force Vision - (Beginner)
* Force Whirlwind - Beginner
** Force Repulse - Beginner
* Force Weapon - Beginner
* Force Whisper - Beginner
* Precognition - Adept
** Battle Precognition - Advanced
* Psychometry - Adept
* Sever Force - Moderate
* Spirit Transference - Beginner
* Tapas - Beginner
* Deadly Sight - Beginner
* Drain Knowledge - Beginner
* Force Destruction - Beginner
* Force Drain - Adept
* Force Fear - Beginner
** Force Horror - Beginner
*** Force Insanity - Beginner
* Force Flight - Moderate
* Force Healing - Moderate
* Force Shock - Mastered
** Force Lightning - Mastered
*** Chain Lightning - Adept
*** Force Storm - Adept
* Force Resuscitation - Beginner
* Force Scream - Beginner
* Force Slow - Adept
** Force Affliction - Beginner
*** Force Plague - Beginner
* Force Storm (wormhole) - Beginner
* Force Wound - Advanced
** Force Grip - Mastered
*** Force Choke - Adept
** Force Crush - Mastered
* Kinetite - Beginner
* Mechu-Deru - Beginner
* Midichlorian Manipulation - Beginner
* Mind Control - Moderate
* Sith Alchemy - Beginner
* Spear of Midnight Black - Beginner
* Thought Bomb - Beginner
* Torture by Chagrin - Beginner
* Shadow Portal - Beginner
* Shadow Step - Beginner
* Alter Environment - Beginner
* Animal Friendship - Moderate
* Combustion - Beginner
* Droid Disable - Beginner
* Electric Judgement - Moderate
* Force Blinding - Beginner
* Force Enlightenment - Beginner
* Force Healing - Moderate
* Force Light - Moderate
* Force Orb - Beginner
* Force Projection - Beginner
* Force Protection - Moderate
** Force Defend - Moderate
*** Force Absorb - Mastered
** Protection Bubble - Moderate
* Force Stun - Beginner
** Force Stasis - Beginner
** Force Stasis Field - Beginner
* Force Valor - Moderate
* Hibernation Trance - Beginner
* Mind Trick - Moderate
** Force Persuasion - Moderate
* Malacia - Beginner
* Morichro - Mastered
* Plant Surge - Beginner
* Ray - Beginner
* Alter Damage - Mastered
* Dun Möch - Mastered
* Saber Barrier - Mastered
* Saber Throw - Mastered
* Telekinetic lightsaber combat - Moderate
Affiliations: [ Clan Vhett].
Titles/Ranks: Clan Leader.
* Rescuing and adopting a small girl on [ Concord Dawn] called Sabine Luella Vessler, who later grows up to become Matriarch of the [ Nightsisters] of [ Dathomir].
*Attaining the rank of Jedi Master.
*Leading the Jedi to victory in many wars with the Sith.
*Being named “Master Librarian” to the Jedi Orders.
*Liberating [ Gamorr] from the New Sith Order for the New Jedi Order.
*Becoming Mand’alor and leading the Empire to glory.
*Leading the Mandalorians to victory in various wars.
*Taking [ Aria Concordia] as his wife.
*The birth of his son Jaro Silas Fett.
*Regaining the helmet of the Mandalore, and once more leading his people to victory, before retiring.
*Leading the [ Mandalorians] to take [ Eclipse], [ Onderon] and [ Dxun], and one third control over [ Alderaan].
*Finishing 3rd in the Tournament of Legends; a knockout battle of combat. Losing only to Lord Iniquitous, Master of Shadow.
*Taking Amaranth as his wife.
*Defeating Tanith numerous times in [ Dun Moch].
===Personal Transport:===
[[Image:250px-Firespray Attack.jpg|thumb|right|356px|Firespray-XF prototype test]]
Following the destruction of Cassus's original blastboat, the infamous "Firespray-S" following a collision on Kashyyyk. Cassus then devised, designed, and funded the building of the "Firespray-XS", which was a heavily armoured, and heavily-armed version of the classic Firespray design. Heavy and laden with weapons and shielding tech, the "-XS" was a slow, but solid, attack vessel. This was soon lost following an incident on the Ba'al Hammon, Lady Tanith's personal Eclipse-class Star Destroyer, when her ship's commander, Dalton, ordered the vessel be destroyed.
Cassus later designed a combination blueprint, mixing the speed and stealth of the Firespray-S, with the heavy-weaponry and armour of the "-XS". This prototype, the "Firespray-XF", proved most successful, and was commissioned immediately by [ Clan Vhett].
"Firespray-XF"-class blastboat.
*refined beskar armour makes it stronger but lighter,
*2 proton torp launchers with 6 torps each,
*2 conc mssile launchers with 8 missiles each,
*2 heavy laser cannon,
*2 rapid laser cannon,
*1 ion cannon,
*6 seismic mines,
*4 shadow mines,
*advanced prototype tracking and navigation devices,
*cloaking capability,
*remote patch relay control via arm-mountable panel,
*improved targeting computer,
*stealth-style body shape, (think real-life stealth bomber)
*cargo bay with 6 holding cells,
*cockpit (seats up to 4) seperates to form escape pod,
*advanced shield tech can withstand multiple direct hits from heavy turbolasers before overload,
*minesweeper droid countermeasures,
*missile countermeasures,
*improved engines
*black, non-reflective body paint
(Concept created by Cassus)
===History of Cassus Fett===
{{Quote|You listen to Cassus Fett, and your son's sons will have nothing to do—because you'll have conquered everything!|Cassus Fett|}}
====The Early Days====
[[Image:Fett_rescuing_Sabine.jpg|thumb|250px|Cassus rescuing Sabine on Concord Dawn]]
Born on [ Concord Dawn] to unknown Mandalorian parents, Jaing Fett and Isabet Gilamar, he was raised as a typical Mando. Trained by his mother and father in the arts of combat, by the age of 5 he had mastered many of their techniques, young even by Mandalorian standards.
A horde of Echani warriors raided the farm they lived on his sixth birthday. He was stowed in a secret cupboard as he watched his parents fight off the attackers. They fought bravely, and defeated several, however were overwhelmed and slaughtered mercilessly before him.
He lived wild for many years, practicing the techniques he had learned, teaching himself new ones from manuscripts and ancient scrolls his father had kept, and even inventing knew and more lethal ways of fighting hand-to-hand.
By the age of 12 he was a brutal, emotionless killing machine. Accepting a contract to settle a local feud between to warriors, as the one hired him to eliminate the other, he murdered both men, and stole their wares, including a Firespray-class attack craft, which over time he would heavily modify and improve.
The reasons for his aptitude for fighting became all the more apparent when a passing Jedi saw him fight in an underground illegal fighting ring, run by the Hutts, at the age of 13. Cassus faced 6 opponents, 5 he dispatched quickly, removing heads and slashing torsos in a flurry of attacks and parries. The final opponent however made contact with a hard hit, knocking Cassus to the ground. It was at this point that the Jedi sensed the ripple in the Force, as Cassus’s eyes turned yellow and he unleashed unbelievable attacks at his opponent, that could not be countered by a regular fighter.
The Jedi took Cassus to [ Coruscant], and trained him in the ways of the Jedi. During his training, he would return to [ Concord Dawn]. On one such visit, he happened upon a small child roaming the forest. She reminded him of his own misfortune, as her family too had been brutally murdered before her eyes. Taking her in, clothing her, feeding her, training her in stealth and combat techniques, and also in the ways of the Force, she became known as Sabine Luella Vessler, and was given the role of Cassus’s personal bodyguard and spy.
====The Jedi Mandalorian====
Following many years, Cassus attained the rank of (Grand) Master, and was approached by Sa’ric Saban, who had recently formed the New Jedi Council.
It was in serving this council as Master Librarian to the Jedi, that he met, and later fell in love with, Mace Vos. As events unfolded, he assisted Jedi Master [ Dominus Lucius] in forming the Way of the Jedi; helped in the liberation of [ Gamorr] which led to the first neutral system, co-governed by the NJO and NSO under Lord Mendacious; defended the temple of [ Haruun Kal] from attack by Caoimhin’s evil clone Lord Vilus, who subsequently killed Cassus by detonating the rocket on his back. Cassus sacrificed himself to save Cao and the temple’s younglings.
Cao took his burnt body to [ Concord Dawn], where he buried him in a mass grave as was customary. The grave, having recently been filled with bodies from the Vong wars, was awash with residual Force energies. The Force clearly deciding it was not his time yet, brought Cassus back to life, although in a feral state as he roamed the cliff-tops, naked and animal-like. It was only the interventions of Mace and her Kiffu warriors that brought him back to normality.
Cassus left the NJO some time later, following a rift with the NJO Grand Master Sa’ric, and a clear statement from Mace that his advances were not to be reciprocated. He spent much of his time back home on [ Concord Dawn], drinking tihaar by the keg.
====Birth of an Empire====
[[Image:To_Fett_or_not_to_Fett_by_DarthDisturbed.jpg|thumb|left|250px|Cassus takes on the role of Mand'alor, naming himself Mandalore the Liberator]]
It was only the intervention of the Mandalorian Empire that brought him back. Prudii Sikirta’s nomination put Cassus in the running to be Mand’alor. In direct competition with Talon Darknight, the two men put forward their case, both seemingly striving for the same thing; the return to glory of the Mandalorian Empire. Cassus won the election, and was pronounced Mandalore the Liberator shortly after.
His reign brought much structure back to the Empire. Appointing Talon his solyc’verd (2nd in command), and Kianat Tray as Admiral of the Fleet, the three organised the Empire into an efficiently ruthless regime. Forging alliances with all around them, they feared none, and were respected by all. He even discovered a blood brother, Kylarn Fett, embracing him into the Mando fold, and giving him the position of Head of Intelligence.
Their plans came crashing down however, as Grand Moff Cygnus of the NSO stabbed Cassus in the back on [ Geonosis], when he ordered the NSO fleet attack the Mandalorians. Cassus was planet-side alone with Sabine, as he agreed to enter a peaceful negotiation, when the attack came. It was only thanks to the efforts of Herder and his MESF, and Gwyn, that ensured Cassus’s survival that day.
====Romance Blossoms====
[[Image:Jaraelzayne_force.jpg|thumb|250px|Cassus and Aria]]
Times were becoming tougher still, as he forged a permanent alliance with the Warriors of the Iron Fist, and more specifically their Queen, [ Aria Concordia]. Their rapport was instant, and they had planned much for the future, however bad news followed, as it was revealed his own brother Kylarn plotted against the Empire, and against him. Feral Ragnos, Sith’ari to the SSS, had also become an enemy, as he heard rumour of a relationship between Cassus and his own fiancée Lady Tanith.
In attempt to divert attentions from the Empire, and to himself alone, he resigned as Mand’alor, and sought exile. Becoming engaged to [ Aria], and hunting the traitors to the Empire, led him to an brief and explosive battle with Lord Piteos, who was a friend and fellow Mandalorian. The result of the duel, leading to the decapitation of Piteos.
Cassus then spent his days searching for [ Aria], who had gone missing following a run-in with Feral, whilst similarly hunting the remaining traitors. However, reconciling his differences with his brother Kylarn, and the other two traitors seemingly in exile, all with the Mandalorians seemed well, until Rukia, the twisted daughter of Lord Carisson, sought to claim the position of Mand’alor as her own, and to bring destruction to all who opposed her; seemingly hell-bent on exacting revenge upon Cassus and his family. It was also around this time he met with Tolo, and the pair of the ran the "Hard Contact" bar on Mandalore.
Before long, [ Aria] returned, unscathed, and they married on [ Manaan]. Following the ceremony, the Mandalorian Empire began showing signs of strife, and Cassus decided it best that he return as Mand’alor to take control once more, and redirect the Empire to glory again, whilst similarly joining the Order of Seven, headed by a reanimated Zenchou Piteos, as the Samurai Toukon of Light.
====Mandalore the Liberator returns====
[[Image:N1216548483_30018338_5775.jpg|thumb|left|188px|Jaro Silas Fett]]
Following the birth of his son Jaro Silas Fett, and the destruction of Rukia's hordes, he then laid plans in action as he re-structured the Mandalorian Empire, and trained his two apprentices; Orodreth and Darth Sandral.
Darth Sandral very quickly became power-hungry, and following frequent run-ins with [ Aria], took it upon herself to leave Cassus' tutelage. Forming her own Empire, she planned a war against the Mandalorians she felt had wronged her, enlisting the aid of Canderous, Necrosis, and several other opposers to Cassus' reign. The war was short-lived, as the overwhelming forces and allies of the Empire annihilated the enemies. Lord Canderous sticking the knife in at the crucial moment in ordering Sandral's fleet to self-destruct. Sandral barely escaped with her life, and still haunts [ Aria] and Cassus with her threats to this day.
====Falling to Darkness====
[[Image:T_h_e_S_i_t_h_by_Jun_k.jpg|thumb|188px|Cassus destroying all as he is consumed by the Dark Side]]
Much friction ensued following the war, between [ Aria] and Cassus. Times were hard for them both, and following damning information Cassus received from an unknown source, it was clear in his eyes, that she no longer loved or respected him. This turmoil erupted into a split, leading to Cassus' near-death following a self-imposed severance from the Force and an incident on [ Kashyyyk]. Rescued by his brother Kylarn however, he was saved from certain death, though at a cost.
His darkness had led him to a broken mind and heart, which had turned him into a twisted, evil and bitter soul. Reviving early in the bacta tank, he left its healing 2 days early, leaving him twisted, burnt and in a state of constant fury. His physical disfigurements forced him to require machines to aid his breathing. Adapting his armour to accomodate such, and painting it black, along with his helmet, he also wore a black hooded robe, masking his appearance (basically he was Vader in looks and sound, but with a hood and a Mandalorian helmet!).
Following his quick resignation as Mand'alor, transferring the Helmet to Kylarn to take over, he made a trip to [ Aria's] ship, the Talyc Verd, where he would meet one last time with his son. They talked as father and son should, and he even gave Jaro a gift in his own first two shotosabers from when he was a child. However the atmosphere quickly deteriorated as a conflict with Rhitta evolved. Cassus lost control of his emotions, the darkness consuming him fully once more, and the beginnings of a duel began with [ Aria].
Zenchou Piteos arrived, and with an unknown crystal of ungodly power, he re-connected Cassus with the Force once more. The fight raged on as [ Aria] attempted to win Cassus round, but his heart and mind had blackened to the core and he pressed on with his relentless attack. After a struggle, his saber ripped her open at the gut, her injury so severe it would almost kill her. Unfortunately, it took this final occurence for Cassus to understand what he had evolved into. Shutting down his sabers and submitting himself in sacrifice for the good of the Galaxy and his family, before Kylarn shot him 6 times in the back at close-quarters, killing him.
A brief period of absence created a void in his families hearts, though things were far from over. Attempting to force his way back to the land of the leaving, through [ Aria], his darkness consumed her, tormented her, as he projected thousands of voices into her mind, and revealed his anguish at the hell he suffered in this limbo of souls. Using Sith Alchemy, she unwittingly summoned him back, darker and more malicious than ever, he was now totally consumed in the rage that had taken him. He concocted an evil and twisted plan, to make her fall to his side, so as a family they may dominate the Galaxy under the threat of terror.
====White pawn takes Black knight====
[[Image:Davin|thumb|250px|Davin Myles Fett]]
[ Aria] revealed herself soon after to be pregnant with their second son, a fact she had kept hidden through a form of body manipulation. It was during times of weakness and stress, all brought on by his dark presence and imposing will on her, that Raan, during one of his attempts to keep [ Aria] alive, revealed to Cassus that his family would be destroyed by the darkness he brought upon them. A fact [ Aria] confirmed, and the revelation helped drag Cassus back to the Light, renouncing the evil to safe his family, though he knew it would eventually cost him his life, it was a sacrifice he was willing to make in order to keep them.
Deciding to distance himself from the now-squabbling Mandalorians, he resurrected Clan Vhett and united his family under one banner. Kylarn and himself serving together as mercenaries for hire. He was content to revert to his skills of old for now. However the peace was short-lived, as Aria spearheaded a siege on Kashyyyk which saw the destruction of the Sith Academy, and brought out the murderous rage of Cassus’ old foe, Feral Ragnos. Now, with Feral seeking revenge against his former apprentice, [ Aria], and even more so by threatening Jaro and their unborn son Davin Myles Fett, Cassus was set on-edge, and Aria secretly battled against the strains.
[ Aria] finally gave birth to Davin, however the celebration was short-lived, as the newborn child died, weakened from the stress he suffered during the pregnancy. Now, blaming himself entirely for the darkness he had brought to his family, and seeking ratification in hunting Feral, to bring peace to the Galaxy, and hopefully quench the pain in his heart.
====The Pain of Loss====
During his hunt for the ever-elusive Feral, things back home were turning bad to worse for the Fett's. [ Aria], tortured by the memories of their lost son, falls victim to an old suitor of hers, [ Darth Apollyon Angelabyss], also a bitter rival of Cassus. The pair had fought many times in tournament, and neither found true victoru over the other. Whilst his captive, [ Aria's] mind deteriorates, and she falls for the sorcerer's spells. Allowing him to lie with her, she falls pregnant with the Sith's spawn. On learning this, Cassus becomes enraged, and leaves his current quest for Feral, in order to bring justice to Apollyon.
However, once more on his journey, his wife struggles to deal with all she has endured, and finds herself falling for the charms of others. Cassus, unable to rectify things with his now estranged wife, and wracked by despair, decides divorce is the only option for them. However, his bitter resentment for her affairs, brings him a decision that would inflict a lasting and painful blow to [ Aria], a condition of the divorce, is to hand over full custodial rights over their son Jaro, to him. She signs, and they part, never to cross path again. Cassus, a broken man, takes his son to [ Dathomir], to stay with one who had always been a sympathetic friend in the past; Lady Tanith Desaevio.
The future is uncertain.
'''Author's note:''' ''To be reviewed for inconsistencies, and updated in due course.''
'''''Thankyou Please!'''''
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