Calmaen vor Lalimar

Calmaen vor Lalimar (Pronunciation: Kal-main vor Lal-ee-mar) is a character in JvS. He is written by user Calmaen vor Lalimar

Basic InformationEdit

Official Name: Calmaen vor Lalimar

Species: Kaleesh

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Occupation: Pilot

Appearance: Relatively handsome Kaleesh, 1.9m tall, reddish-brown skin, deep golden eyes, clawed hands and toes. Often wears traditional Kaleesh clothing.

Spaceship/Fleet: Firefly-class mid-bulk transport Falesia

Weapons: Czerka Outland rifle, Shoni spear, and Lig sword (mass-produced wartime version)

Force Powers: slightly Force-sensitive, but unrecognised, and untrained.

Ground Transport: ST-101 Repulsortruck, Ripper speeder bike

Goals: To make his way in the galaxy; find jobs, keep flying.

Character HistoryEdit



The Falesia, Calmaen's Firefly-class vessel.

Born on Kalee, Calmaen, ('Cal' for short) grew up with his father, flying the freighter Falesia. When his father was killed, he took over the ship, and now roams the galaxy, doing odd jobs, returning to his wives on Kalee when he gets the chance,and plotting revenge against his father's killers. During a stay at Agamar, he spent some time at a bar, and got on well with Ashya, who was there with her brother-in-law M. Under the influence of a fair quantity of Starshine Surprise, they had a great time, and he ended up fathering her child, before leaving the planet on another job and almost forgetting his encounter with Ashya. He flew solo as a freelance freighter pilot, struggling to maintain the ageing craft, and taking on jobs when they crop up for a long time.

Universe 1.5Edit

Calmaen flew several transport flights, stopping off at Tatooine for replacement parts. He also was tasked with a sabotage mission, dropping off sabotage droids for an unnamed faction. At some point afterward, he disappeared, hiding out near his homeworld of Kalee, away from any possible pursuers from the rest of the Universe. Nearly 20 years later, he returned to the rest of the Universe on some trade runs, and maybe to seek out more stable long-term employment. His first job was a resource shipment on Mustafar.

(Current Location: Random lava processing facility, Mustafar's Terrian)

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