Stark Industries CDMI (Cybernetic Data Matrix Interfaces)

  • Designation: Personal
  • Type: Varies
  • Cost: 1,000,000,000 Cr For surgery


One of Stark Industries more puzzling ideas. The CDMI procedure is a cybernetic upgrade, in which a series of ports are integrated straight into the vertebrae of the subject in question. These ports are very similar to Psicom 126, and 1260 interfaces. In the fact that they allow the body to link with a machine. These ports are highly modified however, to withstand a great deal of sensory information and energy, and once installed, are meant to be permanent. (removing them would be extremely difficult). These Interfaces are installed along the sentients spine, the back of the sentients head, connecting with the cerebrum, and one interface in the sentients thumb, index finger, and pinkie. These Interfaces are extremely aesthetic looking. And are not the atypical cord linked interfaces most see. They instead, are simple flat panels, molded to the shape of the cyborgs natural body, and are etched with a kind of geometric pattern. When aligned with a Stark Industries VRCCMS unit, the panels will activate, the etched markings glowing a faint blue, which is simply for cosmetic purposes, to help those who don't have the interfaces differentiate if the sentient is linked, or if he is not linked to a machine. This operation costs One billion credits. The effective range that the Interfaces are able to link with a proper equipped machine, is .5 meters.

Basically this is going to be used in conjunction with another unit, the Stark Industries VRCCMS, or the "Virtual Reality Computronic Cube Management System". This is essentially a computer, linking the users mind to nearly any machine equipped with the cube. Since the implants are wireless, the applications for this are nigh endless.

Link to patent approval

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