Brask de WettEdit

The ArmyEdit

They have recently purchased 200 SAA and designed the revolutionary Skerpioen Missiles

Brask Deployment

Brask's Army



No good army is without its organization. The Army Breakdown is as follows:

I - X Corps: 11000 Troops/Corp

I Corps Vereeniging
II Corps De Aar
III Corps Vryheid
IV Corps Steekdorings
V Corps Rooiwal
VI Corps Grootfontein
VII Corps Springbokke
VIII Corps Graaff Reinet
IX Corps Witbank
X Corps Prieska

Corp divides into 10 Brigades of 1100 Troopers Brigade divides into 10 Divisions of 110 Troopers Division consists of 10 companies of 11 troopers

50 AT-AT's
200 SAA's
50 TR-MB's
300 AT-AA's
800 AT-ST/A
200 Chiss Tanks
10000 NCO Stormtroopers
100000 Stromtroopers

Armored DivisionsEdit

These are attached to the respective corps as follows -all have Skerpioen Missile I launchers:

5 AT-AT's
20 SAA's
5 TR-MB's
80 AT-ST/A's
20 Chiss Tanks


These troopers are trained to lead in their respective Companies

Attached to a Standard Company as a leader
-NCO (1) -Lt-
x E-Web
x Heavy Armor
x Long Range Comlink
x Marcobinoculars
x VibroBayonet
Attached to Standard Engineer/Support Company as leader
-NCO (1) -Lt-
x E-Web (With Barbette)
x Heavy Armor
x Long Range Comlink
x VibroBayonet
Attached to Skirmisher Company as leader
-NCO (1) -Lt-
x Longblaster with Xerrol Ammo
x Chiss Camo Armor
x 4 Detpaks
x Long Range Comlink
x Vibrobayonet


Standard Company of 10 Troopers (Plus NCO)
-Assault (7) -Corp-
x DLT-19 Heavy Rifle
x DL-30 Sidearm
x Chiss Camo Armor
x 4 Thermal Detonators
x VibroBayonet
-AP\AT\AA (2) -Corp-
x E-11 Carbine
x PLEX Missile Launcher
x Thermal Detonators
x Det Pak
x Booby Traps
x VibroBayonet
Standard Engineer/Support Company of 10 Troopers (Plus NCO)
-Medical Officer (3) -Sgt-
x DLT-19 Scoped
x Field Surgery Kit
x Long Range Comlink
x Extra Ammo
x VibroBayonet
-Mortar Team (2) -Corp-
x E-11 Carbine
x 2 Man Mobile Mortar Piece
x Sighting Equipment
x Extra Ammo
x Entrenching Tool
-Engineer -Sgt- (4)
x Shot Gun, Golan Arms
x Advanced Entrenching Tools
x Mine Sweeping/Laying
x 20 AP/AT Mines
x Booby Traps
x VibroBayonet
Skirmisher Company of 10 Troopers (Plus NCO)
-Skirmisher (9) -Pvt-
x Longblaster
x E-11 Carbine
x 2 AP Mines
x VibroBayonet

The Corps have each 80 Regular Battalions of Standard Troopers, 10 Support Battalions and 10 Skirmisher Battalion.

The NavyEdit

The emphasis of the Navy is mainly the carrier for the Army. With the additions from the Chiss Ascendancy, the navy has adopted a more defensive role.

(1) Nebula Class Star Destroyer: Glory
Commander Skyes, Human
Triple Hulled
(72) TIE Defenders
(3) Chiss Star Destroyer: Relentless, Relentless II, Relentless III
Commander Wettb'ras'kksaefis, Chiss
(72) Advanced Clawcraft
(1) Imperial II Star Destroyer (disarmed, serves as troopship): Thunderflare
Commander Krast, Human
Double Hulled


The rank status shows the different battles they have each actively served in.


Supreme Brigadier of the elite
Field Marshal of the II, III corps.
Intelligence and Counter Intelligence division of the Warmachine.
Human, Unknown Core World
Age: Unstated

Raised in the core worlds, Sharpe has a distinct way of talking that is starkly different for his current outer rim assignment. He is in charge of recruiting and training more Troopers into the Army. Sharpe is a fearless commander that will personally lead his soldiers into battle.

Other Skills: AT-AT command, Saber Fencing

Rank: II


Sharpe on Mygeeto

Kyle VolskenkEdit

Droid, - KY-VK -
Age: irrelevant

A droid from the Magna series, he has been equipped with advanced protocols and he sometimes he does bodyguard duty for Brask. A stealth unit. A swordsman. Cold, methodical and powerful.


Droid, Dark Trooper phase III
Age: irrelevant

A colossal dark trooper with a brutal human like personality with a fitting name. Along with KV-VK he protects and serves Brask. He has an advanced missile platform that can launch small but powerful skerpioen missiles. Also he has a heavy repeater. His other arm has a sniper attachment. A flamethrower sits on his right arm. He has a force pike when he is on bodyguard detail.


In order to run the empire, a suitable funding system has been implemented.

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