Blee'starn was a city located on an island in the planet's eastern hemisphere.

Blee'starn is now the home of Bothawui's Air Defense control. Huge tracts of air defense batteries cover the island, hooked up to numerous satelites and sensor posts. Missile batteries, augment heavy Quad Laser Cannons, flak guns, and flechette emplacements. The military entirely runs the island, and large amounts of soldiers are stationed there.


Breil was a city known for its size, and the word breil was often used as a Bothan family name. Tav Breil'lya, aide to Borsk Fey'lya, was a noted user of this prefix.

The large city has been fixed up, courtesy of the AFFS Treasury and Engineering corps. The city has been slightly expanded, and even subterranian homes have been installed


Bothawui was ruled for a long time by Thomas Carter

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