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Patented by Bothawui Shipyards

8,500 meters

Hyperdrive rating Class 1.0

Backup Class 3.0

Turbolasers 200

Heavy double turbolaser cannons 240

Heacy Quad Laser Cannons 200

Ion cannons 100

Proton torpedo tubes 200 Ammo: 16 per tube

Tractor beam projectors 40

Complement Starfighters (480)

Crew 12,400

Passengers 25,000

Cargo capacity 500,000 metric tons

Consumables 15 years

The starship was 8 kilometers in length with a crew of over 10,000, and more than 1000 different weapons.

It was desigined to be a stop gap measure for Bothan Admirals to fight large more heavily armed Imperial ships. It is heavily armed, but with more diverse weapons than you would see on a typical Imperial craft. It also doubles as a carrier launching close to 500 fighters

Sublight engines gave the ship an equivalent speed of a Victory-class, while a Class 1 hyperdrive provided rapid hyperspace transit.

Defensively, the Battleship is a wonder, mounting advanced shield generators, heavy armor, and state of the art defensive systems.

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