Carrack Cruiser FFno106

Carrack-class Light Cruiser, Bloodhawk

The Bloodhawk was the name of a Carrack-class light cruiser that served in the personal fleet of the Famine Lord. After the cruisers initial construction by the Damorian Manufacturing Corporation, the ship underwent slight modifications by Twin Suns Transport Services. The vessel has seen conflict in at least a half dozen systems, being present during the Iziz confrontation on Onderon, the sacking of Gamorr, and numerous other instances. Unlike the majority of the capital ships of Dragus' fleet, the Bloodhawk was not dedicated to supporting the Covenant of Blood in space to space battles. It more often than not operated independently of the rest of the fleet and Bilbringi's resources. Most of its missions included long range recognizance and systems patrol.

While ill suited to taking on capital vessels of similar size or larger, the Bloodhawk was well equipped for engaging starfighter and freighter class vessels. Between its heavy turbolasers and multiple laser cannons, it could go toe to toe with as much as six moderately armed stafighters at a time. Weapons aside, its greatest asset was its speed. Like all Carrack-class ships, the Bloodhawk had a top speed that matched that of X-wing starfighters. This made the ship ideal for intercepting pirate and smuggling vessels.

Havod alloy from Nkllon was used to plate the hull, giving the ship a deep crimson appearance which is where its name was derived from. The alloy was not often seen due to its rarity; however, it was just as if not more durable than standard durasteel, offering adequate protection, although its hull would not handle well under the concentrated fire of heavy turbolaser batteries or higher. Due to its small size the cruiser did not possess an internal hangar bay. To compensate for this, an exterior rack was added, allowing the ship to hold a total a five specially modified Manta-class Assault Starfighters.


  • 10 Heavy Turbolasers
  • 20 Laser Cannons
  • 5 Tractor Beam Projectors

Fleet ComplementEdit

  • 5 Manta-class Assault Starfighters

Troop ComplementEdit

  • 150 NOE Stormtroopers
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