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Bloodbringer was the name given to the power hammer carried and crafted by Lord Dragus. Originally an industrial tool used for mining crystals on M'haeli, the Famine Lord took the hammer with him on his pilgrimage to the tomb of Freedon Nadd on the demon moon of Dxun. It was there deep in the grave that the Sith clone would imbue the hammer with the Dark Side, using the arcane secrets of alchemy to transform it into a fell weapon worthy of being carried by one of the five lords of the Eye. Now it has been given a name and a purpose, to brutally slay those that find themselves at odds with the venerable Lord of Famine.

The head of the hammer was originally constructed from plain durasteel; however, after transmutation performed through alchemy, Dragus altered the weapons molecular structure in such a way as to reverse its magnetic polarity. It was swiftly transformed from an ordinary mining tool into a high temperature superconductor that could deflect blaster bolts and other particle weapons. The weapon acted like a capacitor, storing energy in its head until it made contact with another solid object. Between the shockwave generator and pent up energy, the resulting concussive force from the hammers impact could smash through armoured plates or stone. Without a doubt it was a bludgeoning weapon, though an effective one at that. A direct blow would from the hammers head would be enough to cripple, if not kill, almost any save for a fully armoured Mandalorian Commando. Even then, it would be difficult to escape without a few broken ribs.

On the face of the hammer's head, Sith runes were etched depicting Naddist iconography. However, residing at the center of the head was the ever watchful emblem of the Almighty Eye. Dragus marked Bloodbringer with the Eye's symbol as a sign of devotion to his religion. Every life taken with the hammer would be a blessed sacrifice to the deity his Order worshipped. The head itself was as black as obsidian stone, while the haft remained a dull hue of gunmetal grey. A tightly bound layer of reek leather strips was wrapped around the haft, offering the Famine Lord a secure grip and lessening his chance of being disarmed. The process of forging the hammer nearly killed Dragus and was only made possible because of the Dark Side nexus found in the tomb of Freedon Nadd. Because of this there would always be a connection between the weapon and the tomb.

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