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Yorik-trema landing craft, Blood Chalice.

The Blood Chalice was a Yorik-trema landing craft that served as a part of the Praetorite Vong's piratical raiders. Stationed aboard the I'Frill Ma-Nat, "Yin's Fury", the organic vessel helped ferry troops from orbit to planetary surfaces. It was also used to deliver captured slaves to the prisoner containment areas aboard the Fury. Like all vessels of its class, the ship was protected by a thick ablative shell capable of withstanding artillery and anti-aircraft fire. Because the vessel was organic, any damage sustained would eventually heal, even during the midst of battle. If it came under attack, a set of horn like protrusions would emerge from its surface, revealing a set a yaret-kor that could be turned on ground based weapon emplacements or even nimble enemy starfighters and repulsor craft.

Ordinarily ships of this class were used for transporting chazrachs to battle, but during the Praetorite's raid of Ammuud's human clans, the Vong Reavers displayed its versatility by having it deliver a full team of thirty six Vonduun Skerr Kyrric clad warriors to battle. Additionally, the ships dovin basals had been modified for travel through darkspace. However, the Chalice was only capable of making one or two jumps before it needed to feed and have its system recalibrated.


Technical Specifications[]

  • Length: 48 meters (from nose to tail)
  • Maximum Acceleration: 1,500 G
  • Maximum Speed (atmosphere): 3,000 kph (descent)/1000 kph (ascent)
  • Hyperdrive System: Class 2.0, Backup Class 18
  • Minimum Crew: pilot (1)
  • Passengers: Praetorite Raiders (36), numerous shaped creatures
  • Cargo Capacity: 30 metric tons
  • Consumables: 1 week