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Calmaen vor Lalimar Calmaen vor Lalimar 14 July 2010

New Blog

Well, things seem to be going nicely now. I've started on sorting out some of the categories today.

Getting some weird site problems though. The statistics pages are stuck on 8th June, over a month ago. The help page says they're supposed to be updated daily. Hmm. Any ideas anyone?

I've killed most of the files that are both unused and unlicensed/incorrectly licensed. Just a few more that I'm waiting on to sort out. The next lot are the uncategorised files. That's going to take a while to plough through.

Anyway, enough blogging for now.

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Calmaen vor Lalimar Calmaen vor Lalimar 26 March 2010

Another blog entry

Woo, things are coming along much better now. There's still a lot to do, but some of the biggest fixes have been done. We've got 1000+ content articles, plus some category pages too. The biggest issue right now seems to be image licensing. What's so hard about filling in a drop-down box?

Well, back to work...

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Calmaen vor Lalimar Calmaen vor Lalimar 16 January 2010

Getting somewhere

Well, I think I'm gradually getting there.

I've sorted out the uncategorised pages, I'm through to 'I' on the Dead-end pages, and I've sorted out and deleted or stubbed the shortest 150+ pages.

I've also categorised all the categories into the correct places, and filled in a fair few more articles relating to my characters and faction.

I made a bit of a bash at the wanted pages, too, changing redlinks to point to wookieepedia, and deleting unnecessary wooki duplication.

  • Categorize the uncategorised images
  • Go through delete procedures with copyright violating images
  • 'I' to 'Z' of the Dead-end pages
  • tidy up wanted pages some more, changing redlinks to point to wooki.
  • delete remaining candidates-for-deletion, checking relevant wooki pages, history pa…

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Calmaen vor Lalimar Calmaen vor Lalimar 11 January 2010

Another day, another trouble

Today I've been going through Short Pages, removing pages that have essentially no content, and making pages that need serious improvement into stubs. I've now deleted so many content-less articles that we're down to 1000 articles, and I'm not going to let it drop below that. From here, every article I delete I intend to create an article of at least some use.

...there's so many completely unused and unneeded wookieepedia redirection pages sitting around that I could end up creating a lot of pages to compensate.

Why didn't people just stick to writing articles about JvS things they know about? People wasted so much time trying to duplicate Wookieepedia, and that's definitely not what we're about. links then.

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Calmaen vor Lalimar Calmaen vor Lalimar 10 January 2010

Housekeeping - a day in the life of a JvS Admin

have been going through some of the Special Pages trying to improve the articles as best I can.

  • dead-ends - so many pages without links
    • I've been going through more-or-less alphabetically, adding in links. I can't be bothered to wooki-fy them all yet - that's another pot of banthas.
  • Wooki redirection pages
    • Some people went through the redlinks, making redirections to point them all to wooki. While I admire their efforts, why couldn't they have edited the redlinks to point to wooki?
    • I'm deleting the redirection pages, changing redlinks when I can be bothered.
  • external links for internal pages
    • I know it took me a day or too to figure out the difference, but there's so many of them. So much converting to do...
  • Ex-players - Universe V1.0
    • My, were some …

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