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Bleeding Orifice

The Bleeding Orifice was a Yorik-Vec gunship belonging to the Praetorite Vong, primarily serving as the personal transport of Executor Nem Yin. The organic vessel was modified from its original template in several notable ways. First and foremost, unlike other support class Yuuzhan Vong vessels, the Orifice could be piloted and controlled by a single individual. Its outer hull was comprised of sleek black yorik-coral designed to obscure it from vision while in the depths of space. The interior was slightly smaller than the normal variant due to the addition of a number of internal systems. Segments of the outer hull were reinforced with glossy secretion armour, though its main method of defense relied on dovin basal singularities.

Main armament included a turret mounted quad-Yaret-Kor located at the front of the ship, easily capable of reducing enemy starfighters to molten slag. The turret allowed the weapon to be fire from a variety of angles, whereas the two twin yaret-kor that served as the vessel's secondary weapon, were fixed in place. In addition to the plasma cannons, the Orifice's powerful dovin basals could be used to drag enemy starfighters into the line of fire. Pilots attempting to eject from their ships while caught in the yorik-vec's gravitational pull might find themselves swallowed up by void singularities.

As Yuuzhan Vong vessels tended to fare poorly in atmospheric environments, a pair of backup dovin basals sharing the same genetic markers as those found in tsik-seru, were installed to stablize the vessel during atmospheric flight. It also featured a set of arrest tentacles that allowed it to maintain a better hold while docked with other vessels.