"Bimmisaari. Fur and moving plants a speciality."
Han Solo

Bimmisaari, the capital planet of the Halla Sector, was the homeworld of the Bimms and the adopted homeworld of a near-Human species of the same name who settled the planet in 2,000 BBY. The planet was directly represented in the Galactic Senate and allowed a RRM settlement in 22 BBY, prior to the Clone Wars. It became more and more corrupt, joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems, but escaped most of the turmoil of the Clone Wars and Imperial repression thanks to its remote location.


By 9 ABY, Bimmisaari had become a major tradeworld. In the early days of the Thrawn campaign, the governing Law Elders opened negotiations to join the New Republic. It was during a diplomatic mission here that Leia Organa Solo and Luke Skywalker had their first encounter with the Noghri, who tried to capture Skywalker and Organa Solo. Bimmisaari ultimately did choose to join the New Republic, and other worlds in the Halla sector such as Danuta followed suit. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the planet was conquered by the extragalactic invaders, and was raided by the New Republic.

Bimmisaari was ruled by a planetary council, which met in a chamber known as the Tower of Law. This was part of a three-level, 200 year old building, which also housed a marketplace. All weapons and violence were banned from the planet's cities. Much of the planet was covered in forests of asaari trees, which could move their branches on their own.

During the Second Galactic Civil War, Bimmisaari and other allied planets in the Halla sector seceded from the Galactic Alliance and joined the Confederation.

During the recent outbreak of hostilities between the Jedi and the Sith, the Sith invaided the planet early in the conflict. A Sith academy (called the Bimmisaari Academy, or BA for short) was built in the forests of Bimmisaari and was viewed as an extention of the Kashyyyk Sith Academy where many of the Sith that grew to prominence at Kashyyyk would instruct the next generation of Sith in their lore.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion mistakenly places Bimmisaari in the Fakir Sector of the Galactic Core. The Fakir Sector is actually located in the Inner Rim.

"Bimmisaari" means "Bimm island" in Finnish.