Betty the Yammosk

Betty was a Yammosk that served aboard the Praetorite Command, a miid ro'ik warship in service to the reborn Praetorite Vong. The creature acted in numerous capacities, ranging from managing the ship's functions via gravitational manipulation of the dovin basals, to coordinating swarms of yorik-et while engaged in space combat. Betty could also be used to keep scourges of the warrior caste in contact with one another using the Yuuzhan Vong's version of telepathy. Like most yammosks she had a nuumber of assigned tenders, though generally the war coordinator only interacted with the Commander of her ship, Alith Yin. Originally the yammosk was bred in the shipwomb surrounding the seed world of Tur Yenagh, but was later transplanted aboard the Praetorite Command after the ship's shaping process had been completed. Although not entirely self aware, the yammosk was prone to emotional fits, which could be projected onto the crew of the Praetorite Command via Betty's telepathic link. These fits would more often then not cause the crew to behave aggressively, causing the ship to attack in situations where a retreat might be better suited.
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