Two snakes

Beater (left) & Biter (right).

Beater & Biter were a pair of Tsaisi owned by the Yuuzhan Vong intendant, Nem Yin. They were named after the original Biter and Beater, though obviously were an entirely different species, the original being war beasts and the latter named serving the purpose of personal melee weaponry. Each was roughly a meter and twenty centimeters long, about the length of a lightsaber blade, and shared many of the qualities that made an amphistaff unique. However, given the shorter length of these creatures in comparison to an amphistaff, the range of their ability to spit venom was reduced by half, to about ten meters roughly. Their names somewhat coincided with their behaviors, as Beater was more dull witted and often used with bludgeoning in mind, whereas Biter was the more aggressive of the pair and was often wielded in such a way as to take advantage of its razor edge. Both creatures could most commonly be found coiled around the intendant's arms, Beater around the left and Biter around the right.