Baraphi was a Night Jedi Apprentice from Mon Calamari.



Born on Mon Calamari, Baraphi was discovered and taken in by Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order. However, after only a minimal amount of training, he tired of the strict adherence to the Light Side. He wanted to experiment with the powers he had been told about but forbidden to use, and once he heard of the Night Jedi, being one of the last to hear of the Order as it was before the Order went through its merger with the Dark Jedi Order, he sought them out. He restarted his training from the most basic level with the Night Jedi, learning from both the Light and Dark ways. He was one of the few dedicated Night Jedi who remained with the Order over the years, despite the absence of most of the teaching staff over a several year period.

In UniverseEdit

When Jobie Wan Kenobi returned to the Order, he was one of a very small number remaining, still holding the rank of Apprentice. He was one of the few that Jobie actually had met, and was thus put in charge of a team of apprentices that kept watch over the Citadel whenever Jobie was away. In this capacity, he would be one of the first to meet new visitors to the Citadel.

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