Banshee assault fighter
Production information

Chyornov ComSys

Product line

Military vessels





  • 230,000 credits (Aurek)
  • 260,000 credits (Besh)
Technical specifications
  • 10 meters (Aurek)
  • 14 meters (Besh)
  • 10.4 meters (Aurek)
  • 13.5 meters (Besh)
  • 10.4 meters (Aurek)
  • 13.5 meters (Besh)
Maximum speed (atmosphere)

2,500 kph

Engine unit(s)

10 drive units:

  • see article body
Hyperdrive rating

class 2

Power plant

(1) AMF/4mk3 AM fusion reactor




Amrik alloy

Targeting systems

Advanced targeting system (Besh)


Wing configuration

  • see article body


  • heavy laser cannon (6)
  • missile launcher (3)


  • heavy laser cannon (4)
  • ion cannon (2)
  • missile launchers (3)
  • magazine of 10 missiles each
  • proton torpedo ports (2)
  • magazine of 6 torpedoes each

2 (Besh)

Minimum crew



1 week

  • Intercept fighter
  • Strike fighter
  • Light bomber

JvS (Chaos Era)

The Banshee starfighter was a highly maneuverable fighter that nevertheless had considerable firepower. There were two subtypes, and one custom-built fighter constructed from the design of the Banshee/Aurek but with several design differences. It had a distinct advantage over other fighters in atmospheric operations, and made a shrill scream when operating in air.

Banshee/Aurek Interceptor Edit

The Banshee/Aurek was designed for antifighter operations and was an excellent contender in dogfights. Its cockpit was capable of holding two people, but only needed one to fly it; the remaining space could be used to carry either a passenger or a limited amount of cargo.

Banshee/Besh Strike Fighter Edit

The Banshee/Besh was designed to be able to enter a target zone, bomb it, and then fight its way out. Its agility combined with its firepower made it ideal for taking on capital warships.

Design and Configuration Edit

Wings Edit

The Banshee's maneuverability was enhanced by its wing configuration. It had six wings arranged in an asterisk formation, roughly a meter forward of the drive units. These wings were mounted on a rotating collar that could be either left free, locked in place, or control-linked to the pilot's controls. With a skilled pilot capable of using the wing rotation to his advantage, the Banshee/Aurek was the most maneuverable fighter ever built, and even the Banshee/Besh could outmaneuver fighters renowned for their agility.

Drive Edit

The Banshee had four drive units mounted directly in the rear of the fuselage. These were the fighter's primary propulsion; however, it had six other units, smaller than the primary drives, mounted in pairs on the wings themselves--in every other space between the wings. These were used to provide an extra boost of speed, or to further enhance the fighter's already considerable maneuverability.

Weapons Edit

The fighter's six heavy laser cannon were mounted at the ends of the wings, while the Aurek's three missile launchers were mounted in every other space between the wings. Essentially, the spaces alternated between missile launchers and drive pairs...the Besh likewise had three of its missile launchers mounted between the wings, loaded with antifighter missiles, but also had two torpedo ports built into the main body of the fighter. In addition, two of the Besh's wingtips mounted ion cannon rather than lasers.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The name of the fighter was, as may be expected, inspired by the sound it makes in atmospheric flight.

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