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"In many ways, Bakura reminds me of Alderaan."
Leia Organa

Bakura was a rich, green and blue planet in the Bakura system of the Shiritoku Spur, located on the isolated edge of the Outer Rim.[1]

Geography and EconomyEdit

Bakura JA

Geographical map of Bakura


Pre JvSEdit

For canon history, see Wookieepedia - Bakura's Canonical History

Bakura Orbital Prison

Bakura Orbital Prison


Salis D'aar

JKAlevelshot t1 fatal

Bakuran Power Station

This section should include a quick summary of what canon is assumed to have taken place before Universe 1.0.

Universe 1.0Edit

Universe 1.5Edit



Phaeda victory

Bakuran Revolution

Bakura has experienced many Governmental changes in the past years. The Bakurans themselves have risen up against many of these political entities. All but one of these revolutions have met with failure.

Current LeadersEdit

Bakura is currently host to the Imperial Alliance and the Mandalorian Empire. The Bakurans retain their government and senate with the Mandalorians and the Imperial Alliance overseeing their activities.

Bakura Symbol

Seal of the Bakuran Senate


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