Atrum Venator
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64 ABY

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Assassins' Guild


Concealed Assassin BladesEdit


Atrum wears two gauntlets on either wrist. The gauntlets run from wrist to half way up the forearm, the gauntlets themselves are constructed from Maburai armorweave. Inside the gauntlet are two retractable ultrachrome blades which can extend up to thirty centimetres in length. The blades can be fired by extending the middle finger via a ring which is worn upon that finger and has a thin wire running up into the blade release mechanism and the blade is fully released via the force. For the blades to fire both triggers need to have been released.

Short SwordEdit


Atrum carries one phrik short sword. It measures sixty four centimetres in length and is strapped to his back lying across his right shoulder and extending downward to the small of his back at a diagonal angle. The sword is light and swift and is best adapted to slicing and slashing.

Throwing knivesEdit


Atrum carries six phrik throwing knives in total, they are worn in a special bandoleer across the front of his rib cage.

Assassin knifeEdit


Atrum carries three ultrachrome Assassin knives or Assassin daggers, they are stored in various places upon his person.

Dual swordEdit


Again constructed from Ultrachrome these pair of unique blades are designed specifically for trapping and disarming other bladed weapons. Due to their design they make poor slicing or cutting weapons, but are excellent for thrusting, parrying and disarming. Atrum carries two of these fifty two centimetre swords. One is holstered to the right hand side of the small of his back and the other across his left shoulder and angling down his back.


Short Sword

Retribution is a one point six metre long two handed sword constructed from ultrachrome. It is an excellent weapon for cutting, slicing and parrying; using the flat of the blade. It is Atrum's main weapon and is holstered in a scabbard hanging from his left hip.

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