Arhiia Vao Concordia
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28 Standard years ago

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120 lbs.

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White, falls just below the shoulders

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Silvery blue

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"The symbol of a not just their sabre, but their willingness to serve, their selflessness, their honour, the way they conduct themselves with dignity in times of crisis, the courage they show when faced with insurmountable odds, and most importantly their compassion for all things, to do what is right..."

-Arhiia Concordia, the first meeting of the United Jedi Alliance

Also known as Aria Concordia-Dubh, her Galactic Basic name, and the name she took upon herself once she fell into the darkness. For a long while her past has been a mystery to many until now. Along with great power comes great responsibility as she has found out since taking up the throne of Queen of the Arkanian Dominion, a figurehead for her people. Her life has been a long road to traverse, but somehow she has found the strength to persevere through all it's twists and turns as well as it's ups and downs. Life has never been easy for this young woman, but she has always stepped up to deal with it, taking her failures in stride with her successes. Half Arkanian and half human, to the untrained eye, her white hair and silver-blue eyes appear to be that of a human, but this 28 year old holds more secrets than one would expect..


"May the Force have mercy on those who spread their veils of darkness across the Galaxy, because I sure won't."

-Arhiia Concordia

Arhiia Vao Concordia is a brilliant young woman and gifted warrior. She has been a Dark Sider, but now she has finally found the path the Force had destined her to walk all along; that of the Guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, the Jedi. As a Sith she was amongst the high ranking officers in the Warriors of the Iron Fists, taking on the mantle of Banrion - Queen of the Warriors of the Iron Fists as well as being one of the top spies in the CIAS, a branch of intelligence ops beneath the NSO. As a Jedi she was ranked as a Jedi Master in The Emerald Order and leader of the Jedi High Council. She is part of the Concordia Family Tree and the Dubh Family Tree. Her Father is An Tiarna Dubh, High King of the Iron Fists and her Uncle remains to be Dace Concordia under the Dark Jedi mantle of Lord Iniquitous. Only recently has she found out that she has two cousins, Dason Concordia and Lord Nexus, and then finally five Brothers, Avidus Dubh, Zenchou Piteos, Diem Riain Dubh, Ronin Dubh, and Foghlaí Mara Dubh as well as one sister, Ice Matango. She is a skilled martial artist and weapons master, a truly formidable opponent if there ever was one as she is easily able to adapt to any situation. Fearless and loyal as they come, she fights each day with as much honour and dignity as the last, having had to lose all in her life to gain so much more. For quite some time it would appear to the untrained eye that she had traded in her sabers for words in the political arena when Arkania joined the New Republic. After living through the coming and going of many months though, she secretly regained enough of her memory back to once again traverse the path she was always meant to leave footprints on...the path of the Jedi..

History - Shedding Light on the PastEdit

Foreboding Felo-De-SeEdit

"I helped give you life. If I so choose, I can take it away. To be Concordia is to have respect for your family."

-Dace Concordia, Arhiia's Uncle

Edessa's parents
House Concordia, though it was of the worker-class, quickly grew wealthier and gained much influence within the Arkanian Dominion, the running government on Arkania. Those of House Concordia carried out the dirty work of the government; executing hits on political targets or anyone who got in their way, quelled resistance groups, and smuggled cargo to and from the planet for them amongst quite a few other illegal actions. As disgusted with this as Arhiia's Mother, Rhyiianna, sometimes got she turned a blind eye to it as she knew it would help further her family, thought this was a complete secret from all of the other Houses except for the Noble House of Adasca, the reigning House. There was one thing House Adasca had lost over their years of ruling, their influence over the people of Arkania. Their lust to keep the throne would inevitably cause what would soon come to be known as the Extermination.

Seeking to regain their influence with the people of Arkania, House Adasca proposed a treaty to House Concordia. This happened 3 months prior to Arhiia's birth and both of her parents knew they would soon be graced with a Daughter, so they agreed to the terms of the treaty under one condition: their soon to be born Daughter would be betrothed to the sole heir of the Noble House of Adasca, Adieumus. This granted them instant nobility, making Rhyiianna and An Tiarna Queen and King of House Concordia under the High Queen and King of House Adasca.

Into the Morning LightEdit

"Right arrogant SOB & I am sure he'll hear this, my daughter would be right beside me killing. Das, you have been around since the foundation – this all puzzles you & rightfully at that. So that fella needs to get a right understanding – we are a people madly fond of war. Arhiia a Jedi? In a pigs eye. She made bombs on me knee at but three. She is an Iron Fist & will always be... That is the girl after for a wife.."

-An Tiarna Dubh, Arhiia's Father

Born Arhiia Vao Concordia-Dubh on the frigid and snow covered world of Arkania, a world forever captured in a winter-like state, she was an only child born into the Noble House of Concordia; finding out later in life that her Father had other lovers and children before her though she was the youngest and the only raised by him. Her childhood was a rough one filled with it's ups and downs as her family was of the worker-class, originally created from the labs there on Arkania itself, made to be overall larger in stature and musculature; making them stronger, faster, and tougher. In turn, this allowed them to have a longer lifespan. Her parents, Rhyiianna Alderra Concordia, a native Arkanian and An Tiarna Dubh, a human, were happily married and raised her up until the age of 6. Her Mother was an esteemed and well accomplished geneticist and cyberneticist, considered one of the best. Her Father, a skilled warrior, stood by her side and spent most of his time raising their Daughter. He taught her not just as the only direct heir of House Concordia, but also as his only daughter, the ways of the force, life, and how to survive. Because of him was she only able to overcome the next series of obstacles in her life. By the age of 2, when she was but a little babe still, she would sit atop her Father's lap building bombs and various other explosives. Little did anyone know, but these singular moments would later cause her fascination with explosives and the adrenaline rush she got when things blew up. However, it was not just explosives she learned to build at the age of 2 on her Father's lap, but also her very first lightsaber. It was a brilliant bronze-hued blade, the hilt constructed of a canine tooth of an Arkanian Dragon. Though her Mother, a well-respected Jedi Master on Arkania, descendant of Arca Jeth and his teachings, did not approve of this. Though she was pleasantly surprised to see how strong in the Force her Daughter was, so she put up with her Husband's teachings. Many would say the pairing of such and admirable Jedi Master and a man of such deadly appeal as An Tiarna would never last and they would, from a certain point of view, be right. For Arhiia's sake, the two always kept their beliefs to themselves, having decided to raise their Daughter with the best of both worlds.

Trouble in the Afternoon SunEdit

"The mystery that is Arhiia Concordia is one that involves a spiral of darkness and light. It is a delicate balance, a fine line she walks to keep herself who she is. It has given her a strength that baffles and amazes even the most powerful in the Universe."

-Adieumus Matango when asked about his Master

The years flew by as Arhiia finally turned 6 Galactic standard years old with Adieumus turning 10 standard years old. The best of friends, these two were nigh inseparable, glued at the hip, and wherever Arhiia went one always knew Adi was never far behind as he had not only grown fond of her, but also rather protective of her as well. The two spent their days more often than not in the old castle their families shared outside the shield over the city of Adascopolis, preferring the relative peace and quietness over the Citadel within the city. They played in the snow, sparred, testing their skills against one another, and even raced dragons together through the canyons of the tundras.

The Arkanian Dominion was the running government on Arkania, a monarchy if you will. It consisted of all the family members of the Noble Houses which numbered in the hundreds and ran the planet smoothly only until there was an upheaval, a revolution; an extermination. Things amongst the Houses were becoming more troublesome for both Noble Houses; Adasca and Concordia seeing as the uproar of disapproval from the other Houses and commoners had returned. The success of the treaty between these two powerful Houses had only lasted 6 years and they were running out of ideas seeing as the other Arkanians wanted justice and retribution; seeking to overthrow House Adasca and what it embodied; the Arkanian Dominion. Unfortunately House Concordia would end up getting caught in the crossfire.

The other Houses had sworn loyalty to the Concordians, despite the fact they had a long running feud because of her Mother's marriage to her Father, whom they considered an outsider. Her Uncle, Dace, had to repeatedly step in between them to prevent a complete genocide of either of the Houses. Through him they survived as far as they did. One day he simply disappeared though, later found out to have been taken by the Jedi. It was on this day that there was a disagreement between the other Houses and House Adasca that cost the Concordians everything, including their lives and their power within the Dominion, the ruling Monarchy.

Arhiia's Mother was brutally murdered one night as young Arhiia hid under the bed; helpless, watching as she was struggling for her very life, the men of the opposing Houses yelling profanities of what they were going to do to her and how useless she was. Her Father was out on a diplomatic mission to make peace with a new House that had popped up and was thus oblivious to the events taking place back in the Palace. As she laid under the bed cowering, her Mother's eyes met hers, silently pleading for her to stay hidden. To this day she has never forgotten the look of her Mother's eyes as the life slowly left them and she slumped down next to the bed right where Arhiia was.

Whilst this chaos was being wrought upon House Concordia, the Adascas were being slaughtered in the blink of an eye, before even most could produce a weapon, culminating the second Arkanian revolution in history. The Extermination had begun..

Arhiia's Father came home much later to find his wife dead and the young girl desperately pleading for her to wake up. Realizing what had happened he grabbed his daughter and they headed to the spaceport in Novania knowing all of the Concordians and Adascas were either dead by now or soon to be due to this uprising amongst the Houses. Upon entering the spaceport they ran into some of the men from the other Houses. Arhiia's Father shoved her off and urged her to run towards the nearest shuttle as he began to start fighting them off. Arhiia was the only heir to the throne, as far as they knew, and if anything, needed to survive to ensure that they could return one day and retake what was rightfully theirs. The last Arhiia saw of her Father for 14 years was him lying on the ground covered in blood, his hand outstretched towards her...

Forgotten TragediesEdit

Little did Arhiia know, but her Father had survived the encounter with the enraged men of the other Houses. He returned to the Citadel and began his rule as a solitary King by slaying the people who killed his wife and her Mother. Unable to continue his rule, he left in contempt, leaving the Dominion to the Emigre House, the ones who had secretly ordered the extermination, as they took over for him. The Concordia House was all but dead. With this done, he left the Dominion and went in search of his daughter. Unable to find her after many years, he settled down on Manaan and established Óglaigh na Iarndóideanna – Warriors of the Iron Fists.

Entering the JourneyEdit

"Arhiia learn it now – always be able to get on your feet alone..."

-An Tiarna Dubh, Arhiia's Father

Arhiia had watched her Father fly many times, so she knew her way around
Winter by Rapsukka
the controls of a ship, having stolen a shuttle, but she had never plotted a course for hyperspace on her own. Just pressing buttons and hoping for the best, she unknowingly plotted a course in which she would exit hyperspace near the Kathol Rift. Her shuttle sat adrift in space for a couple days before it was found by a Sanhedrim ship. Little did she know, but this ship held the very thing that would change her life forever and shape her further into the young woman she would grow into.

The ship was piloted by a group of Aing-Tii warriors that brought her back to their monastery. Without question, she was given food and a caregiver until one day she displayed to one of the Aing-Tii monks her mastery of the Force. From that day forward, she was taken in and treated like one of their own as they trained her in the ways of the force as they saw it; not in terms of Jedi or Sith—of black and white, as it were—but more like a full-color rainbow. They also instilled in her that while all events in life were not necessarily predetermined, they were in a sense guided by the Force.

The ProphecyEdit

One day as Arhiia was training, an Aing-Tii monk pulled her aside and led her into her home dwelling to show her something. She was puzzled at first and surprised by such a move, as she was never pulled aside by anyone but her teachers or caregiver. The Aing-Tii spoke to her through the force, telling her of a great many things that would come to pass because of her, her actions, and a great many things she needed to accomplish in her life. Taking her hand, the Aing-Tii flow walked her down her path to show her as proof of her words, because Arhiia was quite unbelieving of this all. As they walked through the folds of time, she saw the many victories and many losses she would suffer, most importantly she saw what she was put into existence for, her purpose. At the age of 18 one is never sure of themselves, so seeing all this at the time gave her some guidance, but she later thought it to be a burden since she knew when her life was going to end and what she needed to accomplish before that happened. Once back in the monastery she made her decision to take her leave, as she was of age and had the freedom to leave if she so wished.

Untold StoriesEdit

"Now Arhiia… does it take a tack hammer to pound so simple a truth into your head? The man is a daft pansy."

-An Tiarna Dubh, Arhiia's Father, speaking of Feral after finding out about his Daughter's love affair

Little to none is known about the 4 years in which Arhiia completely fell off the grid after leaving the Aing-Tii, but before heading to Manaan at the age of 22. Some rumours says she had been hiding on Manaan the whole time observing the Iron Fists as it interested her, yet others still insist she was up to something those 4 years seeing as she has always refused to discuss those missing years of her life.

Two paths crossing, two separate fates, completely different yet made one in the same in a matter of days. The road was rough right from the start for these two dark souls, but through the Force did they find power through one another on a distant wasteland of a planet, Tatooine. 10 years ago to this day did the paths of one, Arhiia Concordia and Feral Ragnos, cross in a very unlikely manner.

Newly come of age Arhiia had just left the safety of the Aing-Tii and ventured to Tatooine looking for work and easily finding plenty. At this point she knew little of the Jedi or Sith points of view on the Force, but rather clung to what she had learned from her Aing-Tii Masters as well as her parents so long ago. Skilled in the Force and a cunning mastermind, she easily outsmarted most people she took jobs from on Tatooine, in turn, catching the eyes of the Hutt clans present there. Taking a job here and there for them she had learned to make a living by employing the prowess in deceit and fighting she held, successfully hunting down the targets the Hutts tasked her with time and time again never finding anyone much of a match for her, even the fellow bounty hunters she went up against.

Night elf
It was but until one day that she had finally met her match. One of the Hutts had sent her out after a political target that was causing them much unrest, surprisingly enough a job that did not require her leaving the planet. She laid in wait amongst the shadows tracking her target for days, learning his patterns, and awaiting the perfect moment to strike. The perfect moment came one night when he was strolling about the market, his security detail distracted for the moment. This was the only moment she needed as she trounced upon him from the rooftop perch she had taken on only to come face to face with another bounty hunter, though this one had quite the strong presence in the Force and there was a deathly appeal about him. Upon instinct she attacked him instead of the target, finding that he was quite the skilled fighter as well. All the while as the battle raged on their target had managed to escape as each stopped the other from leaving to go after him. Both escaped from this duel and disappeared until days later when they encountered one another yet again. Arhiia, not realizing until later that he had been tracking her and setting traps for her along the way, all of which she managed to evade by the skin of her neck.

This turned into a deadly sort of game, both bounty hunters tracking each other across the planet, each trap they set for one another becoming deadlier than the last, yet both managed to find a way to survive the other’s wrath. In their final engagement, Arhiia lured him out into the Dune Sea, hoping to get rid of him once and for all then get her revenge on the Hutt clans for double crossing her like this. As she laid across an outcropping of rocks, she waited for him to come within the sight of the scope on her sniper rifle, being about as patient as she could stand to be when quite suddenly she felt the coolness of the metal hilt of a sabre being held to her throat and upon looking up, she saw that it was the very man she had been waiting to ambush. Escaping his grasp, she got to her feet and faced him, finally coming to the conclusion that this was what it came down to. She would either live or die this day. She had not known he was a trained Force user, but upon him igniting the blood red blade of his sabre and his dark aura hitting her in Force with the ferocity of a turbolaser, she realized she was face to face with a Sith.

Locking blades and stubborn wills, they both ended up realizing just how powerful the other was during this duel and how they could use it to their advantages. It was at this point in time, each came to this realization and paused as Feral realized the deceitful cunning mastermind Arhiia could be and she realized the extent of his power and influence. Together they could be an unstoppable force if they could push aside their differences and embrace the thought of working together. Blades locked, they pushed against one another, testing the resolve and strength each held before being pushed apart by the Force Repulse Arhiia released, both skidding across the ground before coming to their feet. It was now a stare down. Feral could easily see the potential Arhiia held if she would but embrace the darker side of her soul and walk the path of a Sith which is the only reason he did not continue to attack her, but Arhiia, being the haughty, arrogant youngster she was charged him only to be stopped as he held her by the throat in his grip through the Force, knowing he could easily kill her. Who would do such a thing to a promising student of the dark side though? Even as heartless and ruthless as he was, she intrigued him. He released her only after displaying the extent of his power, nearly killing her before she fell to her knees in front of him.

Arhiia knew she had finally been beat and only awaited the killing blow, but rather received an offer of an apprenticeship from him, one in which she accepted after seeing the true power he held. Being the ambitious woman she was, she grew quickly in the dark side of the Force under his tutelage. However, the road to power as his apprentice was filled with pain, suffering, and challenges like one could never imagine, even as his first apprentice. They both grew in power; as Master and Apprentice, their goal was clear: destroy the Jedi and rule the galaxy as many Sith had tried to do so before them, the only difference being that this time they would succeed.

Years went by and still both grew in the Force, teaching one another now rather than just Feral teaching Arhiia which allowed their relationship, as lovers, to blossom and grow; based on the seduction of power and lust for control over the other, though it was not love for both knew that could only be an obstacle in the way of their true goal. Finally the time came for them to part ways, knowing this was the only way they could both reach their full potential. Arhiia let the Force guide her to Manaan, to whatever lay in store for her there and Feral left for Kashyyyk, dreams of starting an Academy stuck in his head.

Óglaigh na Iarndóideanna – Warriors of the Iron FistsEdit

"Alright - enough family love for this eve... Arhiia call yourself or be what you wish, but you'll always be an Iron Fist..."

-An Tiarna Dubh, Arhiia's Father

Knowing where her destiny would take her, Arhiia set out towards the ocean planet of Manaan. She found the refuge she sought amongst the native people there and was taken in at the age of 22. Mostly keeping to herself, she spent her days and nights training and thinking on what the Aing-Tii monk had shown her, the prophecy of her life and what was to come. Not accepting of this at first, she spent her time ensuring those things that were to come to pass never happened until one day she wandered into the city and fate took her by the hand of a man named An Tiarna. She knew then at this point in time, there was no stopping her life from unfolding as she had seen it. Unfortunately as she had erased most of her memories from her childhood, she did not recognize this man as her Father, even though she knew she was destined to find him, nor did he recognize her as his daughter.

Continuing her training, she was accepted into an organization called Óglaigh na Iarndóideanna – Warriors of the Iron Fists, one of the most feared factions in the Galaxy, drawing only members of devote loyalty. Óglaigh na Iarndóideanna became a true family to her. Finding neither the ideology of Sith nor Jedi fitting, they chose to define themselves strictly as Óglaigh na Iarndóideanna - Followers of The Black. She proved her loyalty over and over again to their leader, An Tiarna Dubh, and later on at the age of 24 she was selected as their Queen, personally acknowledged by An Tiarna himself. They grew closer as only warriors could, brought there by two halves of a rainbow gem that was causing a sickness within them. He was undoubtedly affected by the very same thing, so she grew curious of this happening and they had some scientists look into it. Finding this could only affect another with the same genetic pattern, it was then that they realized they were Father and Daughter. He did not recognize her due to her name change and how much she had grown and she did not recognize him because she had vowed to forget her pain. The day continued to grow even more joyous when her Mother's brother, Dace, revealed himself as well. Due to those events she also gained a Godfather, Lord Nihilus. They truly were a family brought together now, the only three remaining of House Concordia.


"Arhiia is dar'manda, but I have never hated her. Anyone who hurts her risks losing their life at the end of my sword."

-Mand'alor Plu Or'dinii

Years later Arhiia began her hunt for an equal in battle and someone to stand by her side as King. When out on a diplomatic mission for the Warriors of the Iron Fists, she was sent to Mandalore to meet with the leader of the Mandalorians. The treaty was signed between the two factions as the
Mand'alor, Cassus Fett, came to Manaan to meet the rest of the Triumvirate of the Iron Fists. Once this was taken care of, as Queen of the Iron Fists, Arhiia challenged him as Mand'alor to a ceremonial duel in honour of the newly forged alliance. The duel ended in a draw as they were nearly equal on the battlefield. Due to all these events they hit it off right away and regularly began seeing each other. After a while it appeared to them that their duties might keep them apart, but then things changed and Cassus proposed to her. After accepting, they were married some time later in a grand, elaborate ceremony held in the Temple of Shadows on Manaan. Months later their only son, Jaro Silas Fett, was born.

Little did anyone know, but it was at this time that she was approached by the CIAS head operative of the NSO and asked to join them. With much hesitation she decided to, finding the work of a double agent quite fitting to her abilities. She worked for the NSO for quite some time before taking notice that it was slowly degrading, deciding to just finish it off herself in the months to come.

Fulfilling the ProphecyEdit

Arhiia Concordia: Arhiia walked a bit closer to Feral, testing the boundaries to see what still stood between them as she was a bit unsure where /they/ in fact stood...something that had been on her mind since she had returned..
Feral Ragnos: Feral's left hand snapped out grasping Arhiia's throat, "That is close enough."
Arhiia Concordia: "I guess I know the boundaries now.." She said in a clearly amused voice, her piercing gaze unwavering as she stared him down.

Arhiia continued her duties to Óglaigh na Iarndóideanna – Princess of the Warriors of the Iron Fists, her Father leading them as Ard Ri - High King. She went on to lead them to a few particularly important victories, most notably her final stand at Kashyyyk. Kashyyyk was supposed to be her resting ground, the place where her life was supposed to end, or at least how she saw it 5 years ago when she flow walked with her Aing-Tii mentor. Apparently the Force works in mysterious ways. The story of Kashyyyk shall be told for a final time because surely there are many that have heard what they think is the story behind it all, but few who know the true story as it was..

Over Arhiia's time apart from Feral they had kept in touch if only to keep the other one updated on their rise to power. Each had their own fluctuations in that facet of life until finally Feral came into true power upon the founding of the True Sith Empire with his Fiance'. Arhiia grew curious about her old Master and former lover's new found Empire and wanted to investigate it. It also turned out her Father wanted a way to keep an eye on Feral also, not knowing his Daughter's past connection to him. Feral had become the epitomy of evil and the darkside if she ever saw it and being that she was a Sith at the time, this meant he was truly Sith-like in nature. The best way to keep an eye on someone who is your enemy is to stick a person on the inside, lucky her right?

One night her Father and Uncle came up with a brilliant plan apparently, so they called her home to Manaan to speak with them. Their brilliant plan was to kill her to show she had no more ties to the Iron Fists and her Father. Of course they didn't tell her this then, so they would get a genuine reaction. In the end they had beaten her down so hard that she dropped to her knees in front of her Father who then proceeded to behead her. Unlucky for her, but her soul was trapped in a soul gem so she wandered the netherworld and the realm of the living, not feeling, nor thinking for about a month. An old love interest of hers, Dearg, was lucky enough to catch her Uncle off guard and somehow steal her soul gem back. That night was remembered by a few all too clearly, it was stormy on the planet of Kashyyyk, the wildlife scattered from their normal routines as the darkside flooded the planet the moment she was released from that soul gem. The air hissed and shimmered with power as she entered the new clone, still thinking her family had disowned her for no reason, she was driven by her deep hatred for them. Ultimately this is what caused her marriage to Cassus to crumble as she was always away at the Kashyyyk Academy and consumed with the darkside, so dangerous that he feared for their son's life. During one of her outbursts she nearly killed him and herself then claimed to be tainted by an ancient Sith spirit, this just showed how far she had fallen and how far gone she was.

For all intents and purposes she entered the Academy as a student, though he was the only one who truly knew who and what she was for she was no mere apprentice, as always being able to hide her true nature as she had done since the moment they parted. Upon meeting up with him for the first time in many years, she found herself disgusted for he had become lazy and weak during his rise to power. This was not true power, not to her, so she decided to test him and see if he had what it took to counter the actions of one lone Sith.

At this point her husband, at the time, left with their son because he saw her unfit to be a Mother, and she probably was back then. Months later after having successfully infiltrated Feral's Empire on two levels; both within the Kashyyyk Academy and the CIAS under the NSO, she told her Father of her plan and what she was going to do to make her former Master see where he was at fault, but this had gone from just teaching her old Master a lesson to want to bring him to justice because when she finally looked around and saw what she had become, saw that her husband and son left because they feared her and saw that Feral was the reason for her fall. Metaphorically getting up and brushing herself off, she found the light on her own and reverted to her Aing-Tii teachings as she saw the Sith and The Black unfitting for who she had become. This is how she pulled herself from the abyss of darkness and up into her newly found path into the light of the Force.

Something inside of Arhiia just snapped and the dark, selfish, and careless person changed. Her mentality altered, rendering her no longer the vile, baneful young woman she had once been. She saw the need to protect the innocent from people she had once been like and those like Feral now. At first her mind rejected these ideas, but in the end it was what she settled on.

Defying the Pale HorseEdit

"You know something? To this day I have always made sure that I never crossed Arhiia Concordia.. and that is why.."

-Gaiscioch Dearg after witnessing the destruction of a military base after Arhiia had air raided the area

Making a secret trip to Manaan one night, her fleet was loaded up with baradium detonators in preparation of what was to come, this was the final event she had seen when she flow walked those many years ago. The next day was a glorious day and she spent it planting the final baradium detonators planetside before she was off to meditate for a full 12 hours. Accepting of this fate, she was more than happy to sacrifice herself to save the Galaxy from the rule of Feral, a true act of selflessness indeed. Later that night, the signal came in the form of an attack on Kashyyyk, the odds were in the favor of the Iron Fist attack forces as only a few of the Kashyyyk Sith were present to defend the planet. She began the countdown to her end as she ordered her forces to disperse themselves amongst the Kashyyyk defenses and defense fleets. The larger ships of her fleet went into the middle of the Kashyyyk forces and spiraled out to all her fighters on the outside, perfectly aligned to cause complete havoc. At this point she entered her own personal fighter and took off into the midst of the ticking time bombs that her ships had turned into, she was destined, as Admiral of her forces, to go down with them. Finally the time came and she hit the button for the fleet to deliver it's punch to the Kashyyyk forces and quickly, spiraling out, the ships exploded one by one, setting off a chain reaction. Suddenly her personal craft, a StealthX, was hit by another fighter and knocked out of range of the explosion, the shields being the only thing that had held her craft in one piece after it was hit. As she was knocked out of range, the explosion acted like a tidal wave and she rode it all the way to her Father's ship, the after effects causing everything to shudder.

At this point she was confused, puzzled, and confounded as she had seen Kashyyyk as her resting ground because in order for her to cause the explosion she thought she needed to be within a certain parsec of the first detonator. Somehow the explosion happened the same time she pushed the button and the same time she was knocked out of range. So pushing those confused thoughts aside for the moment she entered the bridge of her Father's ship to celebrate as she began to set off the detonators that were planetside, area by area. First came the detonators that surrounded the Kashyyyk Academy, blowing it to dust, then came the detonators in the shadowlands, the beach, and all across the planet as she had painstakingly spent months planting them in a wide range of places when she went out every morning. This leveled the planet as the explosion of her fleet decimated the defenses, so fitting was the name she was given those many years ago by the Aing-Tii monks, the Harbinger of Justice...

The final trap had been laid, the test had begun, and in the end Feral failed the challenge in which Arhiia had laid out for him, only proving her assumptions to be correct. She left his Academy in dust, his planet ablaze, and his new found Empire in shambles. She had perhaps accomplished more than any one person ever should have, leaving her Master behind once more.

Bitter RedemptionEdit

"You're asking me about Arhiia? You bloody well better be kidding me.. She's one of the best.. Without a doubt.. I have the scars to prove it!"

-Jedi Knight Arcanus Sunstrider, when asked about Arhiia by his Padawan

Even though Arhiia had redeemed herself, it still was not enough in the eyes of Cassus for him to return with their son Jaro. She had hurt him beyond all feeling of pain and probably didn't deserve him back anyways, but she did deserve a second chance, that which she got from her family. She returned to the Iron Fists victoriously as their new Taoiseach Catha - Battle Chieftan, and began serving them once more. The months went by and she still had no word from Cassus, then she felt a calling beyond the Outer Rim, in The Colonies. Following this calling, she was led to her frigid homeworld of Arkania only to return to find her people starved and precariously teetering on the edge of life, the cities pretty much decimated and the once rich culture all but gone. This was caused by the House of Emigre, those that had taken over after her Father had left. He thought he left the planet in good hands, but they soon came to find out they were the ones who had ordered the extermination of her Family and House Adasca. In a rage not long seen, as she was trying to tread the path of the light, she returned to Arkania and took back what was rightfully hers after the death of her Mother and all known heirs to the throne. Newly crowned Queen of Arkania, she returned the humble people and the planet to it's once former glory again.

Upon her return to the Mid-Rim however, she was served divorce papers by her husband. Reluctantly she signed them as well as a paper that gave him full custody of their son. As much as she didn't want to do this, she figured they at least deserved some peace after what she had put them through. This was just another portion of her life that she was forced to let go of, her family. For a long while after this, lonely and feeling more than lost, despite having the rest of her family there for her, she roamed the Galaxy in search of a purpose, some greater meaning to her life as she had lived it like she was going to die that day on Kashyyyk and now had no idea of what to do with herself. She turned to friends and family while she searched, but finally it took a near death experience to wake her up and show her what she was to do with the rest of her life.

Experimenting With FireEdit

"You are one of the most promising apprentices I have ever trained Arhiia. I look forward to watching you grow in the I have a feeling that you will be known throughout this Galaxy as one of the elite Jedi.. But do not let it get to your head."

-Benye-Cali, Grand Master of the Emerald Order

The months seemed to drag on as Arhiia hopped from one thing to another, trying to figure out some new meaning to life. Friends by her side more than her family was, she entertained the idea of once more finding her equal and began to date again. After a few on-off relationships with some notable people, Jak Amdala and Nekrayleaus Omega. Her relationship with Omega turned cold quite fast as the two began a volatile relationship ending in him lusting for her so much he had to kidnap her every time he wanted to see her. Her relationship with Jak ended because she couldn't take the fact that he held so much power as she did not wish to be in the public eye any longer, but rather wanted to settle down and have a family just as she had from the start. Some say this yearning for a family caused her to soften, but then again those that said that are no longer with us today. After her friend and fellow Senator, Sigilus, had died saving her life, a man was sent from the New Republic to question her on his death, this man was Benye-Cali. Not knowing her future any longer led to much confusion and puzzlement on her part as she no longer knew what to expect. This however was a Jedi Grand Master, and she had never really met a Jedi until now, finding him was quite interesting to her, so she took a liking to him right away.

Walking into the LightEdit

"When you were given the mantle of Jedi Knight and inducted into our Order, you were given a duty and an honor to uphold. We defend the weak, and serve Justice. We keep peace. You are known as a Master in our Order now and are given more responsibility. It was unspoken that you would have to sacrifice much to become a Jedi and you will have to continue to do so."

-Grand Master Saeon Faust of the Emerald Order

This was another big step down the path Arhiia chose to traverse as her life had suddenly been turned upside down the moment she realized she was in danger that day. Lucky for her, Benye took her in and she returned with him to the lush planet of Anobis where she was well protected by him, Saeon Faust, and the rest of the Emerald Order. For weeks she spent her time there just exploring their Temple and reading about the Jedi in their archives. For the first time in her life she felt completely accepted by these people, the people of the Emerald Order. Soon she found herself making one of the hardest decisions of her life, she had decided to walk the path of the Jedi with the help of Saeon and Benye. Starting out as a Padawan, she found it hard at first as she was not used to the ways of the Jedi and was immediately humbled by Saeon through his teachings. Although they were strict, they were what would eventually shape her into the Jedi she is now. After months of training with Saeon and Benye, they finally decided she was ready for the trials. These were yet another defining moment in her life as they were none too difficult for her to accomplish being the skilled warrior she was, but they were testing and they helped to show her that this was the path she was truly meant to walk.

In passing her trials, it showed that she was ready to become a Jedi Knight and after a long while of proving herself to the Emerald Order she was finally granted the title of Jedi Master. Throughout her training, a bond between Benye and herself was forged, a bond like she had never had with any other, not even her former husband. This was indeed something special if it could cause her heart to skip a beat like it did. She later found herself falling in love with him and began to give hints along the way only to have them returned. Ecstatic to know he felt the same way, she found herself falling even harder each day she was around him, but like a Jedi, she knew she must control her emotions and she did the best she could. Finally one night while they were having dinner together, he dropped to a knee and much to her shock, he proposed. Of course she could never say no and they were soon married after that. After they were married for a while they were blessed with twins, Leyla Rhiiyanna Cali and Aiden Christopher Cali.

At this point in time, after becoming a Jedi, she also sought something more and found this satisfaction in the form of the Galactic Senate. Arkania had just become a sovereign nation, but was quickly thereafter accepted into the Galactic New Republic with Arhiia as Senator. Her career as just a Senator didn't last long as she was elected the Minister of Defense for the New Republic.

Shackled to MisfortuneEdit

"If I ever was in need, and all seemed lost... I could count on one person.. and one person only to come rushing to my aid.. and that person.. is Arhiia Concordia.."

-Jedi Knight Arcanus Sunstrider on Arhiia, recollecting his confinement on Kessel

Intelligence reports came streaming in one night rather erratically to the Minister of Defense's desk: Ossus had been lost and now Anobis was under the threat of attack! Calmly and of a level head, as Arhiia always was, she inquired into these reports, contacting the Anobis defense forces. Nothing of any importance or cause of alarm was sent back to her, so she breathed a sigh of relief as her Husband was out on a mission. Making an executive decision though, without even consulting Benye, she hurriedly left her office on Mon Calimari and headed straight for Anobis. So as to not raise any alarm she spent a couple days with her children at the Temple, finding no sign of her Husband yet. Figuring this was as good a time as any she quickly whisked her children off to Gyndine, a far off planet, the last planet she expected anyone to look for them.

In this period of time she cut her once waist length hair as well as dyed it a deep crimson color, making her unrecognizable to anyone who didn't truly know her. Then again the Supreme Chancellor, Jak Amdala, was even a bit unsure when she stepped out of her Nubian craft and saw her appearance, but soon the two old friends embraced in joy. Sitting and talking for a long while, Jak was quite understanding of her predicament and even as a former lover he agreed to watch her children over the duration of the war since the New Republic was remaining neutral. Though she was reluctant to have them leave her side, they were only 3 years old and could not accompany her where she was to go from here on out.

Finally she left them when she got reports of terrorist activity on Anobis; only giving more confirmation to the choice she had made in her Husband's absence. Back on Anobis, she, her old Master; Saeon Faust, Vihn Qel-Droma, amongst a few other valiant Jedi fought off the terrorists.

Finding Solace in SolitudeEdit

"Arhiia Concordia, Jedi Knight of the Emerald Order. You have served well, and are recognized by the council for your contributions. You are hereby raised to the rank of Jedi Master, and given all the rights and privileges associated with such."

-Grand Master Saeon Faust of the Emerald Order

Given but two weeks time to recover from such a blow, Arhiia disappeared once more, this time leaving a note for her husband. The one line that would stick in their heads for all time would be the very last one: "I'm sorry, but I must walk a path you cannot follow." It would indeed turn out to be a path he could not follow, not right away, but in the coming months after two world shattering events.

2 weeks after Safaeyet, Anobis had been burned to the ground in some areas, Arhiia helped with the rebuilding and relocation of the Yavin IV refugees they had received only weeks earlier. This was how she met Vihn Qel-Droma and the two hit it off right away though Arhiia got the feeling he didn't much like her which would prove to be a wrong assumption later on. Next thing she knew calls came in from just beyond the Perave system, where Arkania was located. Jumping into action, she and her fellow Jedi took off in the defense of Arkania; the only one taking her side on the ground being Vihn, minus her Husband, Benye, because no one was quite sure where he had disappeared to. At this point she could care less because if her homeworld didn't mean as much to him as it did her then there would be problems later on.

This seemed to show Vihn's true devotion to her however, and how much he cared, wanting to protect her and her people. As much as he didn't want to leave her side, she ordered him to as she took on Illuscio Blackhawk, Mand'alor of the Mandalorian Empire.

The War Over a WomanEdit

Mand'alor Illuscio Blackhawk: "I understand your devotion [to the Jedi], but it's going to destroy you. Look at you now, when you finally look upon what has become of you, it drives you to the brink of tears. This is not the life of a Queen...Of an Empress. Break this vow, happiness will follow."
Arhiia Concordia: " vow?! How could I possibly do that..? I told Benye not too long ago that when I looked in the mirror I did not see the woman I wanted to see, the woman I used to be. All I saw was a broken woman, a woman submitting to those around her. I may not live the life of a Queen or Empress, but so is the life of a Jedi; a life of sacrifice..."

Locked in a duel to the death with Illuscio, Arhiia found herself in a compromising position, with his blade to her neck and simply waited for him to end it, but just before he could a stray turbolaser struck the ground upon which they both stood, sending them
flying in opposite directions and rendering her unconscious. Her opponent should have finished the job when he saw her laying there, but instead something changed inside of him when he saw her there, hurt and helpless, ordering his medics to pick her up and head back to Mandalore with them, essentially kidnapping her. It was here that she found her inner strength and will were tested harder than they had ever been her whole life. Illuscio not only told her he loved her, but to also leave her Husband for him, and return to the Mandalorians.

He nearly broke her spirit, but thanks to Plu Or'dinii, he failed. It was later on then that all assembled found out that Blackhawk waged the whole Galactic war just to get Arhiia and thanks to speaker Adam Slane along with Plu, she escaped Mandalore to live another day.

Embracing DefeatEdit

Anthis Wahler, Assassin: "I'm sorry, ma'am. But I'm a man of my word and a contract's a contract; I used a Class-A, because I knew it would be fastest. Just know they [Leyla & Aiden] put up a good fight. And be proud."

Arhiia Concordia: *Falling to her knees, her eyes were filled with tears that began freely falling down her cheeks as she threw her body across that of her children, her body wracked with sobs and shaking as she lay there in the rain..* "Benye...I'm so sorry...this is all my fault.."
Benye-Cali: "Don't you ever say that again. Don't you ever!"

Arhiia Concordia: ::Jak, I really hope you are okay. I just wanted to let you know that I forgive you for everything, it was not your fault in the first place. You have always been a good friend to me and you were just extending your helping hand when you got caught in the crossfire. I hope you can forgive me for putting you in such a position.. ::
Supreme Chancellor Jak Amdala: ::It's quite alright Arhiia. I'm more than willing to stand for friends even in crossfire. My only regret would have to be that of leaving the building..::
Arhiia Concordia: :: We can sit around and say we should've done what we didn't do all day long, but that will get us nowhere. Jak, you did the best you could and what you thought right and for that I thank you, I am only sad that it was not enough to combat the evil that sought out the lives of my children.. ::

Now Arhiia finally had the time to return to Gyndine to see the Supreme Chancellor, Jak, and her twins, Leyla and Aiden. On approach, she felt through the Force, an ominous feeling as if something tragic were about to happen. She exited her ship just in time to see the Chancellor jump out of a speeder on fire that proceeded to crash into a building and explode with such ferocity that she was sure no one could survive. A look of horror crossed her face as she felt the two most important lives in the Galaxy to her suddenly be snuffed out. This was when she lost it, her children were dead.

Benye felt it also and came to pick her up from Gyndine in efforts to console her, but she was just too grief stricken. She had begun the grieving process with much anger and furthered it by resigning from her Emerald Order Council chair as well disbanding the Jedi High Council she had been running. Taking off, she left everything behind, embracing defeat. Her children had been taken by the Force, her homeworld had been razed, and she had left behind everything that had ever made her a Jedi in hopes it would bring some happiness to her life. Though now she lived the simple life of a politician, trading her swords in for words, she just simply continued the war in a different arena.

Dawn of a New EraEdit

"Master Concordia has saved planets with her blade, as well as her words.."

-Jedi Grand Master Dunta Coral

They always say people never change and you just truly discover who they really are, but in Arhiia's case this statement could never be true. Something inside her eventually snapped in her time with the Jedi; causing her to do a great many things one would never be able to do with a conscience, perhaps because she had lost all sense of feeling or perhaps because the Force had gifted her with the ability to feel too much; we will never know for sure. She fled from Anobis, her husband, and friends; back to Arkania, back to the only place she truly felt at home. Here was where she dug her grave or rather her future. One unfortunate day that started off rather normally for her, as normal as a day could get at this point in her life, she was involved in an accident that was only explained to her as a "severe speeder crash outside the Arkanian Dominion Senatorial Rotunda." The accident wiped away a good portion of her memory, the past three years for sure, but also other various times in her life in which now she remembers nothing. For her it was simply as if the slate were wiped clean, giving her a new start, one in which she would have to figure out who she is once more, but perhaps also give her the chance to make different choices in life now and right the wrongs she has done over her lifetime..

Learning How to Laugh AgainEdit

Arhiia Concordia: "Then again I could be completely wrong in my interpretations and [the Force] could somehow be relating the actions or mistakes of the past to the future, perhaps trying to show us something that needs to be changed in order for those mistakes to not be made once more, yet I don't know what could possibly be here to explain my theories..."
Corellian Jedi Master Kel'Al Raganella: "We will have to wait and see, there is no point in speculating. Why, the answer might be right around the corner! I feel certain we are going to find something exciting before the night is over." *As he spoke, he stepped around a corner, and sure enough, there was something exciting waiting. With a crack he bumped his head on a partially collapsed column that had been invisible in the darkness. Groaning and rubbing his head, Kel muttered to himself.* "I think the force just told me to shut up. But I have one last thing to say first!" *Turns and tries to glare at the piece of beautifully carved rock, then addresses it in a stern but joking tone.* "I dub thee the Genius Pillar, because thou has made my head smart!"
Arhiia Concordia: "My apologies, I forgot the eyesight of humans is of no use in this darkness...I don't think the rock is going to respond though, so perhaps we should move on..."
Kel'Al Raganella: "Yes, let's move on. If the rock starts talking to me, then I'll know I hit my head too hard, otherwise, I'm ok.

The Doctors finally gave their ruling, Arhiia's memory loss was permanent; not even her best friend, Vihn Qel-Droma or her Husband, Benye-Cali could jolt her memories. Vihn ended up leaving her behind because he saw how content she was and her Husband ended up leaving with divorce papers. At a loss of what to do with herself and wanting to know who she was, she began searching the Citadel, ending up uncovering some journals of hers with the help of the Force. Late one night, laying in bed, she felt the pull of the Force once more, so she took off in her StealthX towards Naboo. To her surprise she found more journals there, but there was something more and the Force whispered for her to just but pause and listen to it.

Then he appeared, Kel'Al Raganella, a Jedi Master of the Corellian Jedi Order. Why the Force had brought them together was beyond both of them for quite some time. Though something inside of Arhiia changed once more. After all these years of tragedy, heartbreaks, and death; she was able to laugh, to genuinely laugh with this other man. The Force seemed to have brought them together for something more though, as it was calling rather strongly from within the rubble of the Council of Knowledge. There they found a parchment filled leather-bound book thousands of years old. At first they were unsure what it was until Arhiia took a closer look to see that it was written in Old Galactic Standard, something she was fluent in only because of her Father making her study it so long ago. In the end it turned out to be the minutes from old Jedi High Councils of the past and contained a Prophecy within.

The Prophecy of the Beacon of LightEdit

"Do not worry, Arhiia. The Jedi shall continue on as they always have. Prophecy or not. You are right. It is the Jedi, it is we, who shall bring about the good in the galaxy. Do not put too much importance on what has been said for the future. Put your faith in the now and simply continue doing what your heart tells you. What is important is that you have regained your true self once more. And for that I am happy. I dare say the galaxy would be a darker place without you to stand in defense of it."

-Vihn Qel-Droma

Portrait of a Girl by ALM2628

Mind, soul, and body as one.
To each their own, leaves strength in none.
Bring back together that which was undone,
To become unified and overcome.

From a distant world, a beacon of light shall come.
Born of the Force, disciple of the Code,
One who is from the deepest dark, of long ago
And from the edge of light, having just begun.
They shall meet in time and join as one
To purge the darkness from what has become.

Through empty space echo lonely voices
Star seekers lost in ever darkness.
A blazing star cuts through the sky
Leading the way for the watchful eye,
A symbol of hope and serenity.
Only then can they unite
Under one banner that which should be.

-Prophecy of the Beacon of Light, dated 4,012 BBY

Upon opening this great book on Naboo, Kel'Al and Arhiia were both bound to it as the book bearers and keepers of the Prophecy. They were the only ones who could read it and if anyone else attempted to then the ink would disappear. She rushed to Coruscant immediately, being pulled by the Force so strongly to the planet that she could not resist even were she to try. Once she got to the High Council Tower, the Force urged her to unseal the Chambers. Unsealing the Chambers was a big deal to her because they had gone unused for so long, but she listened to the Force and did as it directed.

Standing in the middle of the center of the High Council Chambers, the Force whispered for her to read the Prophecy aloud and upon doing it, a brilliant show of omens and symbols danced about around her before she was rendered unconscious by the Force using her body as a vessel to summon all Jedi.

Revealing the EnigmaEdit

Personality TraitsEdit

"To fully understand Arhiia is a difficult thing... You would be better off trying to figure out how the entire galaxy works."

-Gaiscioch Dearg to a spy trying to get information on Arhiia, but failing

Going from a tough and young, fiery girl, as her Father raised her; yet a calm, kind-hearted soul as her Mother shaped her to be; Arhiia has gone through many personality changes over the course of her young lifetime of 28 Galactic Standard years. As a Jedi Master she is adamant about following the Jedi Code as she thinks the Jedi past would have followed it in these modern times. She is strong of will, prideful sometimes it appears, though her Jedi teachings have humbled her a great deal, but they will never take away the strong woman she has turned into nor dampen her free spirit. Her arrogance has a tendency to break loose every so often, but that is normal for anyone of her species. Only through trial and error has she learned how much loyalty matters and only by being stripped of all dignity has she learned the lesson of honour, thus causing her to develop devout loyalty to whomever she is serving and allowing her to live each day with as much honour as the last.

Soft spoken and a valiant woman, she is not without determination to bring evil to justice despite her passive nature. As caring and gentle as she is, this throws most people off the moment they see the bold and confident warrior side of her. On the battlefield she is fearless and without mercy towards those who seek to spread their vile darkness across the Galaxy. Being a Jedi Master without mercy, most of the time, does have a price as she is haunted in her meditations and dreams by the handfuls of volatile people she has killed.

The Force and fate itself have placed great weights upon her shoulders which she has taken with grace, showing her great trait of responsibility; starting from when she was a young child to progress over the years as she has matured into the strong-willed and moral woman she is today. Intelligence is also another trait that was passed down to her from her immediate family. Her Mother may have just appeared to be another humble Jedi Master, but she was also a sharp, young scientist in Arkanian Microtech and her Father, always the schemer, was as masterful and as bright as they come when it came down to survival and fighting. This was all passed down to Arhiia, making her a quick-witted and crafty fighter, allowing her to become one of the top duelists and strategists of her time, since she is so cunning and more times than not always knows how to outsmart her opponents. Now only does she outsmart her opponents mentally, but she has quite the vicious tongue that any smart being would avoid getting caught on the receiving end of. She knows just how to get under peoples' skin and into their heads, saying exactly the right things that allow her to get the desired result as well as getting her point across in the process.

When it came to the sciences, she inherited her Mother's love and passion for them. This made her a bright student in just about any category. Over her lifetime, she became one of the most brilliant beings in the Galaxy, skilled in her respected specialties. One of the last gifts her Mother gave her before she died were her skills in diplomacy which Arhiia displayed later in her life as a Senator in the New Republic and then as the Minister of Defense. Her diplomatic skills came into play even before she was a Senator, but after being elected was when they came into play more heavily. The most notable negotiation she made was for the Jedi themselves was when she negotiated with the Warriors of the Iron Fists, her own Father's organization, the attacking force on Coruscant. The battle lasted one long month before Arhiia realized it was a battle that could not be won by troops and lightsabres, but rather by pens and sheets of flimsi.

Arhiia's personality is a colorful one, one that has shifted with her over the years as she has grown, learned what is right and wrong, and matured into the elegant woman and gutsy Jedi Master she is today. She is not without her faults just like any other being in this galaxy and that is what makes Arhiia Concordia, Arhiia Concordia.

Jedi BeliefsEdit

"The title of Grand Master is not given out to any one person without great meditation on the fact and it is not a title that puts them at a higher level than others. Rather, in fact, the Grand Master could be seen on a lower level as it is the Grand Master that serves all Jedi, not the Jedi or the Council that serve them... If we are to come together and unite as we must, not into a new Order, but rather to breath life into the old Order, what we should have been from the start then we need someone who embodies every facet of what a true Jedi should be. I do not say this with a light heart Masters, but we need a figurehead, a leader to turn to in times of crisis, and someone who will shed light where there only has been darkness for so long, someone who can maintain a sense of hope when it seems like all is lost...Only then can we truly unite.."

Arhiia Concordia, speaking during a United Jedi Alliance High Council Session

There is much more to Arhiia Vao Concordia than just a noble and gallant warrior for she is also quite the spunky Jedi Master as many past or current Apprentices and friends could be quoted saying. For all the mystique present there is always a clever answer. She is a brave Jedi who believes that the Force may not always be at her back, for whatever reason, and trains daily to hone her physique into the well-muscled body she has now. For this very same reason she limits her usage of the Force, choosing not to use it for mundane tasks as it would be like taking a blaster to a stingfly. Similarly, she does not condone the usage of electricity anywhere she stays, preferring to live by candle light.

As the Galaxy knows, Arkanians are, by nature, an arrogant race and sometimes Arhiia lets her blood get the best of her, but almost always immediately acknowledges the fact and humbles herself by whatever means necessary. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons she always seats herself on the ground when in company of others, so as to show her demureness and the fact that she does not think higher of herself than any other being. Sitting below others also symbolizes her willingness to serve and that she is there to serve others rather than to have them serve her.

The Code She Lives ByEdit

"Drop a pebble into a body of water and it creates ripples that move out through the water, affecting it as a whole. The very same thing happens when one Jedi stands up for the Order, the ripples they make affect the whole Order, but the only difference is if you place obstacles in the way of the ripples then they become disorganized or disappear altogether. To overcome those obstacles more than one Jedi has to want to make a difference, to make a change.."

-Arhiia Concordia

Emotion, yet peace.
Emotions are the very breath of life; they are what keeps us sane or what can drive us insane. To be in control of your emotions, yet not dominate them, one must be able to face them and confront them, not push them aside or deny them, only then can we find peace within ourselves as we come to an understanding of why we are feeling such things.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
There is ignorance all around us, but one must learn that in order to be a successful Jedi one must have an open mind and accept the unacceptable. One must not conform to others' wishes; one must search out our own answers not only with our rational mind, but with our intuition as well. You can have all the information in the galaxy at your fingertips, but knowledge is knowing how to use it.
Passion, yet serenity.
This tenet is essentially a repeat of the first one, but it has a bit of a stronger meaning to it, emphasizing it even further. In times of stress a Jedi may use his power with passion, this leads to the dark side for one must always keep a calm and level head when in battle. If you are to strike then you are to do so with a rational mind. An emotional state of mind is never a logical one for emotions cause us to do things we may not have done had we been thinking with our rational mind and were able to see the consequences our actions may bring.
Chaos, yet harmony.
To a Jedi there is meaning to every event in his or her life and one sees these events as being connected like the strands of a web, not separate from one another. Even in the most tragic of events hope and purpose can be found, though tragedies and failures must be taken the same way as success. To find this hope and purpose within the events of our life is what will bring us our inner peace and grant us harmony with life as we are able to accept that everything happens to us for a reason even though we may not be aware of that reason.
Death, yet the Force.
Without this tenet there would be no meaning to the rest of the code. It would all be frivolous as death is life and life is death. Without life there can be no death and without death there can be no life, it is simply the cycle of our being. If we are to celebrate life then we must embrace and also celebrate death as those who have passed on into the Force have entered an even greater stage of their being.

Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy.
Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect.
Jedi respect all life, in any form.
Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy.
Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.

Other various tenets to take note of:

A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for aggression or personal gain.
The lightsaber is the symbol of the members of the Jedi Order.
Jedi must put the needs of the community above the needs of individuals.
A Jedi must protect the weak and defenseless from evil.
Jedi must always cooperate in battle or crisis.
Jedi must not have wants; self-reliance must be shown.
A Jedi will not take revenge.
A Jedi does not cling to the past.
Jedi do not own personal armies or fleets, but should a time of crisis come upon the galaxy they may be required to be provided one by the Government they serve.
Jedi will be the protectors of the New Republic.

A Jedi will be required to be self-disciplined…

Conquer Arrogance - The Jedi who believes that he is more important than others only demonstrates that his opinion is to be ignored. Although we are able to touch the Force and forge a connection with it, we are no better than those who can not. We must keep in mind that we are only Jedi because another Jedi Master had taken the trouble and time to teach us, but not because we are superior to others. It should also be kept in mind that a Jedi Master is only a Jedi Master because he or she has disregarded their own sense of self-importance and embraced the will of the Force.

Conquer OverconfidenceJust because we, as Jedi, have the Force at our back does not mean we are invincible. We must gain the knowledge to realize that there is a limit to everything including our power within the Force as well as how much we can tax our bodies physically.

Conquer DefeatismAs Jedi we must never become too confident about ourselves or abilities and be able to recognize that it is possible to fail. We must learn to accept this failure, taking the lesson learned from it, and move on. Just as we must plan for success, we must also plan for failure, but that does not mean we shouldn’t try any less to overcome the obstacle in our path.

Conquer Stubbornness - We, as Jedi, must always be able to embrace defeat if the cost of winning is greater than the cost of losing. It is always best to end things peacefully rather than to win or lose so as not to put innocents in the line of fire or shed unneeded blood.

Conquer Recklessness - "Learn to recognize when speed is not important. Race when being first is important; move at your own pace at all other times. It is not necessary to always strike the first blow, to provide the first solution, or to reach a goal before anyone else does. In fact, it is sometimes vital to strike the last blow, to give the final answer, or to arrive after everyone else."


A Jedi must learn self-restraint and be aware of the consequences of their actions. They must learn to realize that their actions not only affect themselves, but also those around them as well.

Honor the Jedi OrderWhen out in public and on missions a Jedi’s actions will reflect back upon the whole Order itself and if the Jedi behaves poorly then an onlooker may come to think that the whole Order is like this, but if a Jedi does their duty to the people of the Galaxy then others will realize that the Jedi are good to have around. We must remember that it takes many Jedi to undo the mistakes of just one.


Always one to have a soft look in her icy blue eyes, a warm expression displayed on her face, and her signature lopsided grin dancing across her lips; Arhiia Vao Concordia is much more than just another pretty face in the Galaxy. She walks with the grace of elegance, so alluring she could draw any man's eye, but beneath all her refined and delicate features is a brilliant woman, one that will kick you to the next Galaxy over if she catches you looking at her in the wrong way.

Arhiia's Mother was a full blooded Arkanian Offshoot of the Sephi hybrid and her Father, a human, so this is what gives her some of her unarkanian-like features. Like humans she has five fingers and the most captivating icy blue eyes, complete with an iris and pupil. Her skin is a light blue almost white like that of her Mother's, but she gets her signature lopsided grin from her Father.

With a rather muscular frame of only 5'3", Arhiia weighs in at an even 120 pounds of muscle and truly packs a punch in dueling. She is like poetry in motion with each move she makes...or could it be that innocent smile she is so fond of flashing? Either way, she captivates her opponents for one reason or another. Her icy blue eyes have an entrancing quality to them as they flash silver in times of great emotion. This 28 year old has seen much more action in her short lifetime than one could ever hope to see; as is the story told by her scars and tattoos.


"It seems her [Arhiia's] training is besting YOU, my friend. Tsk, tsk. Hows that arm, by the way? Did that hurt? When Master Concordia took it? Or perhaps you would like a reminder of the pain both she and Master Qel-Droma inflicted on you, darkmonger?"

-Arhiia's then Padawan, Adieumus Matango, to her Step-Brother, Piteos

-Twin scars run across her palms starting between her thumb and forefinger: from the fight in which she took the throne back from Paalo Emigre'.

-Scar that runs down the right side of her face, starts on the right side of the middle of her forehead down across her eyebrow and ends on her cheek bone: given by Feral when she accepted his apprenticeship on Tatooine.

-Circular scar just to the left of her right hip: when her Step-Brother, Piteos, ran her through with his lightsaber.

-Scar to the right of her sternum that runs down from her top right rib to her hip: when she was nearly gutted and disemboweled by her previous Husband, Cassus Fett, before they were divorced.

-Small scars across her right ribs from the time they breached her skin when broken: happened when she was hit by a Force Blast.

-Scar that crosses diagonally over her left thigh where the bone once stuck out: from a sparring match with her Uncle in which he broke her femur.

-Scars across her left knuckles: when she broke her hand trying to deck her Father in the face for something he said and he grabbed her hand, breaking it.

Arkanian TattoosEdit

-7 dots over her left eyebrow: symbolizes that she comes from a family of 7 children.

-"Arkanian Lick of Fire" beneath her left eye: symbolizes she has killed, given to every Arkanian warrior after their first kill.

-Tribal-looking symbols down her arms, from shoulder to wrist: symbolizes she is from House Concordia.

-Erratic yet soft lightning strike pattern from shoulder to mid-thigh, crossing down each flank and comes across her stomach at the hip area to mid-abs about 2 inches from her diagonal center line: each line of the lightning strike tattoo symbolizes a different accomplishment that only an Arkanian could read.

-Mandalorian Mythosaur symbol on front left hip: represents her loyalty to her vode still.

-Warriors of the Iron Fists brand in the center of her lower back: left over from her time when she was a member of her Father's organization.

-House Concordia crests on her inner wrists: two dragons intertwined to represent unity with the word "Edessa", meaning triumph in her language, emblazoned across them.

-Tattoo of a small, barely visible padlock over her heart: symbolized her betrothal to Adieumus Matango when they were younger.

-Referred to as "Marks of the Lords", they are tattoos that run down her neck in a sporadic tribal fashion: symbolize her climb of the ladder of power as a different tribal symbol was added with each step up that she took.

-Referred to as "The Arkanian Mark", it is a tattoo of an Arkanian Diamond as the center of the spiral with words in Arkanian encircling it that translate into basic as: "Always follow the stars, but listen to your head." Located behind her left ear.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Arhiia Concordia, The Character HerselfEdit

When I first started writing Arhiia, I used to spell her name as Aria and with good reason. I was majoring in Latin for an extremely short time at the beginning of my college career and with it being an extinct language, it was beautiful to me. Both Aria and Concordia are Latin words. Aria is also derived of the Italian, Kiribati, and Hebrew language, but I created her name with the Latin meaning for Aria and the Latin meaning for Concordia in mind. Her name roughly translates to: the bridge to open space and harmony. The word Concordia is derived from the Latin language, but is also the Roman Goddess of harmony and peace, playing a significant role in Roman society.

Aria(in Latin) - open space
Aria(in Kiribati) - calm
Aria(in Hebrew) - lion
Vao(in Portuguese) - the bridge
Concordia(in Latin) - harmony, peace, united or unity

Not just her name has a whole story behind it, but her personality and character do as well. After much time and consideration, perhaps even a whole year of writing her, was how long it took for me to settle upon a set personality for her. Even though Arhiia was created in August of 2007, I originally got the concept for this character after spending a term in a humanities class in which I was able to extensively study the Hundred Years' War and the events that surrounded it. Joan of Arc was who had caught my eye during my studies; a young peasant girl growing up in poverty who was able to overcome it all and leave such an astronomical mark upon history. Even in those times women were still not too highly of, they still aren't, but that isn't the point. The point is that, as a woman, she was able to stand up to all of these men and lead them to one victory after another. She was strong of will, confident in herself, and passionate about what she believed given she died a martyr for it. Those were certainly traits I wanted to see in my character.

The only obvious part about this decision was the fact that she would stay true to her species' natural character traits, i.e. the distinct arrogance and incredible levels of intelligence. Though from what material there is provided to study Arkanians further, I concluded that they would also oftentimes appear cold and calculating, seemingly emotionless, and have xenophobic tendencies.

Now since I had decided to start writing her as a Jedi a couple months before the launch of 1.5, I figured she had enough experience in her life to be able to be one of those quirky Masters that frustrates everyone with their antics and what they say. Yoda is the perfect example of what I wished to achieve, so I borrowed his cryptic nature that caused him to mostly speak in riddles, the mystique that seemingly surrounds him in all of the movies, and his fighting style. Another canon character I like to draw from in my writings would be from that of Jarael. Jarael is quite a complicated character and while she is one that has only been used in the Knights of the Old Republic comics as of today, I really enjoy reading them now that she is in them. The traits I borrowed from her were her hot-tempered attitude, the fierceness she displays in battle, and her unwavering loyalty.

So in a nut shell this is what my inspiration for Arhiia was, so I hope it give you even a little bit of insight into the character.

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