Arcturus Utan Sorrows was once a powerful Fierrerron Dark sider, both powerful and gifted. Feared and respected on his world, there was all but one who did not bow before him: A female Jedi, by the name of Celestis. Celestis, as it is told, was a woman of unequaled beauty, with a lithe frame, and flowing hair as white as the stars themselves. Arcturus fell in love with this beauty, as well as her power. Trying repeatedly to sway her to the Bogan - the darkside - he grew angry with her, and struck her down in a fit of rage. Celestis was killed instantly, but before she died, she cursed Arcturus by stripping him of the force, converting his body to that of an energy vampire, and shattering his mind. Insane and forced to sub exist on other sentient beings, Arcturus remained this way for four hundred and thirty three years. Frozen in time as it where by his vampire physiology...unable to die, and unable to use the force. Eventually, he coped with his predicament...and coming out of seclusion, attempted to make contact with the outside world. He tried multiple times, all with varying levels of success, but, try as he might, he could never stop the inevitable hands of time from turning. As he made friends, they died in battle, or from old age - leaving Arcturus alone in his misery, now only deepened by death. At the end of four hundred and fifty five years, Celestis reappeared to Arcturus, and lifted the curse from him; granting the force back to him, and repairing his mind and body. It was then, that she explained that she had loved him...but knew he truly wouldn't love her as long as he used the Bogan. For that, she had cursed him, promising herself to lift the curse after he had renounced his evil ways. It was there that Celestis forgave him of what he had done, and sent him to a Jedi held world, where he could start his journey anew on the path of the Ashla.

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