Arcturus Utan Sorrows, is a 455 year old Energy vampire. A patron of the arts, and a devoted scholar, Arcturus was born on the academically renown world of Lorrd, where he grew up with the mindset that knowledge was the ultimate form of power. Because of this mindset, as well as his species, Arcturus had far more drive and incentive to learn than most other races, devoting himself entirely to the fields of Astronomy, planetology, Geology, Minerology, Agronomy, Horticulture, Xenobotany, Xenobiology, Sentientology, Xenosociology, Xenolinguistics, Xenoarchaeology, Psychology, Galactic History, and, oddly enough; Writing and Literature. In all, he attended the University of Lorrd, the University of Ketaris, the Universityof Byblos, the University of Charmath, and the University of Sanbra for nearly one hundred and fifty years.

At the end of his one hundred and fifty year tutelage within academia, Arcturus began to thirst for more. For decades, he had read and learned all he could about the galaxy, its workings, it's inhabitants. But not once, had he ever ventured out into the great galaxy as he knew it. The reason was simple; his species, while accepted among the academics that understood he had risen above the norm of his race, would not be accepted by the galaxy at large. It was this fear that kept him from venturing out from his handful of planets that he called home. In the end though, curiosity won out, and he set out into the wider galaxy, using his vast repertoire of skills and knowledge to pay for his way around the galaxy. It was in this way, traveling around the galaxy, going from freighter to freighter, that he came to visit planets he had only read about. One planet in particular, was the planet Nishr; a planet largely uninhabitable, accept for a single continent, dominated by a medieval feudal society.

It was here, that he met humanoids with physical abilities much like his own, that readily accepted him, and that treated him as his own. Because of this, he stayed on the planet, using his knowledge to advance the primitive people, and helping the species as a whole towards progression. During his stay though, he fell in love with a Nishr Noble, named Selene. A princess, Arcturus met Selene within the courts of Nishr, during his tenures as aid to the king. In the end though, Arcturus married the princess, with the king giving Arcturus his blessing as a more capable leader than himself. And, for Arcturus, everything finally seemed right.

The happiness did not last though. Returning to his home, Arcturus found his wife Selene dead, along with there unborn child. The man responsible was nowhere to be found, leaving Arcturus alone, and with no outlet for his unnatural rage. As his anger grew, and with no one to place the blame on but himself, Arcturus grew increasingly manic and desperate to find the killer. His travels took him to far flung worlds of ill repute, through spice dens and slave trade hubs, but nowhere could he even find a description of his killer. Only a name; Wade Conners. With his travels ending in the Smugglers Run, Arcturus succumbed to madness, dementia, paranoia, and desperation as his grip on reality all but warped and twisted itself into lunacy. His once great genius blurred and twisted itself, turning him into a homicidal, schizophrenic, bipolar killer. With but one burning, all consuming thought:

Kill Wade Conners. Kill anyone who stands in my way. Kill Wade Conners at any means necessary, by any way necessary, with no mercy. Then, kill myself.

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