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Archer(Left), Kestral(Right)

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Archer and Kestral on one of their many missions.

The TeamEdit

"We are shadow, darkness and night. We are less than a whisper or a thought"

Tactics Edit

Always working with eachother, Archer and Kestral are a two-man team. They sometimes hire locals to help them in an operation if they feel it is nesacary, as can be seen in Chalum's Cantina on the dessert world of Tatooine. Most of their missions will have them working in covertly and in diguise, looking like any other person going about their business. Usualy one of them will be active near to their current target(designated call sign 'One'), while the other gets into a secure position to provide intelegence and tactical information(designated call sign 'Two').


Using skills drilled into them from a young age, they can move like shadows when they want. They have access to suppressed weaponry, alowing them to take down their target without alerting anyone. The Shadow amour suits they wear are unique variations of Eriadu prototype armour, re-designed and modified to GenoHaraden standards. Using armorweave and a stygium mini-mesh for flexibility, this underlay provides the werer to compleatly bypass any scanners, creating a 'shadow' where they should be. the over lay is made up of hevy bonded ceramic plates infused with a strenthening agent, giving the agents that extra edge over their enimes.


Using various weapons to take out their enimes with, They both carry a pistol, assault rifle and a mellee weapon.

Wether its a covert or overt mission, they are allways prepared for combat, having at least one weapon on their person at all times. Whilst in desguise the agents will usualy only have their pistols and melee weapons to hand, prefering the small size for close range accuracy.

They also have hand to hand training to fall back on in such cases where their weapons are useless to them, or when they want to make a silent kill. If an oppertunity presents itself for the target to be elimenated by means other then the agents getting directly involved(I.e: convincing a local that someone is out to kill him, thus un consiously making him hunt the intended target), then they will take the risk.

Shadow armor full










Behind the ScenesEdit

Archer and Kestral is the alternate account on JvS of Rigel Windas, they(and some of the weapons/armour) are losely based on the Splinter Cell Conviction: Deniable Ops main characters. This is where the basis ends as other then names and looks, nothing can be connected to them.