ar'Tanel in human guise, as Redd Bretan.

Biographical information


Physical description





5'10 (or less)


185 lb

Hair color

rust red to black

Eye color



Implanted bioelectronics around eyes, ears, mouth

Chronological and political information

"The warrior that knows not the enemy is disadvantaged, to say the least; but the warrior that knows not himself is like a poorly forged blade, likely to fail at the most unexpected moment.":--Redd Bretan

"Knowledge is a weapon, son of the Force. Perhaps the most potent weapon of all, and I am a soldier not an arms dealer"--Redd Bretan, when pressed on his origins.


I am Redd Bretan. I won't tell you my true name—chances are you wouldn't be able to pronounce it properly even if you could remember it five minutes from now, and I hate hearing it butchered. I'm a Salkeyr--a shape-shifter of Irrson. However human I may look to you now, appearances are deceiving. In my true form, I'm not even truly humanoid.

Most of my people love peace. So do I, really, but I know that even those who don't live by the sword can still die by it. I was chosen at coming of age to be trained and adapted as one of the Harkhandi, the group created after the destruction of one of our sister worlds. We didn't want the same thing to happen to us, so we began sending some of our people out into the universe at large, to make sure that if Irrson ever does fall, our people and culture will not die with him. I am trained in tactics and strategy, and melee and hand-to-hand combat as well. It feels strange to be a warrior revered in a pacifistic society, yet at the same time it somehow makes perfect sense.

Currently I reside nowhere, but simply wander. I miss the crimson undersea forests of my home...yet I must follow the course that has been chosen.