Ammuud Mountain Research ComplexEdit

The Ammuud Mountain Research Complex is a high security research facility located in the northern most mountain range of the planet Ammuud. The facility is owned and operated by Core Galaxy Systems. It is a massive twelve level laboratory complex that rests one kilometer underground and is dug out of the living bedrock. It is encased in a duracrete shell reinforced with a duranium alloy and capable withstanding heavy bombardment from even the most powerful of star destroyers. The exact location of the lab is known only a select few and the entrances are well camouflaged. Projects at the lab cover such fields as robotics, genetics, weapons development, and even such controversial fields such as alchemy and “fringe science.”


--Administration: level {1} Main offices, Lounge, Employee housing

--Security: level {2} Command bunker, Armory, Barracks, Training course

--Recreation and cafe: level {3} Cafeteria, Exercise rooms, Botanical garden and indoor park

--Medical Wing: level {4} Emergency room, Several operating rooms, Large bacta tank room, Storage

--Facility Management: level {5} Main workshop, Machine shop, Small warehouse

--Storage: level {6} Main warehouse, Secure storage rooms

--Research Wing: levels {7-9} Main laboratory, Robotics, Weapons research, Chemical and biological lab, Alchemy lab, Physics lab, Geological lab

--Specimen Storage: level {10} Flora, Herbivores, Carnivores, Parasites, High security Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W)

--Main Power Core: levels {11-12} Control center, Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor, Nuclear backup reactor

Key personnelEdit

Dr. Eliza Halsey - Administrator

Dr. Rodnic Mican - Lead Researcher

Dr. Radze - Assistant Lead Researcher

Major Pangar - Chief of Security

Darth Letifer - Sith Consultant