Knight Omas2
Aloua Omas
Biographical information

New Alderaan


28 ABY

Physical description





1.6 Meters

Hair color

Brown (sometimes with
Blonde Highlights)

Eye color


Chronological and political information
Known masters

Aloua Omas, sometimes known as "Loula" to her friends, was a Female Human Jedi Knight of the Yavin IV Jedi Praxeum. Born on New Alderaan in 28 ABY, whilst the Galaxy was gripped in the bloodshed of the Yuuzhan Vong War, she was the niece of famed politician and New Republic Chief of State Cal Omas, giving her a strong connection to both Galactic Politics and, due to Omas' support of them during the war, the Jedi. At age 6, she was found to be Force Sensitive and begun her training as a Jedi at the Jedi Academy of Ossus. She later transferred to the rebuilt Jedi Praxeum of Yavin IV following the Swarm War, moving along with the Jedi tutors responsible for her clan.

Whilst on Yavin IV, she trained under Jedi Master Zuli Madoon, Jedi Battlemaster Dav Man'Sell, Jedi Master Jago Pulastra and Jedi Master Tebana Sor. After being Knighted in 50 ABY, she begun travelling the Galaxy conducting missions under the orders of the Yavin IV Praxeum Council and the Jedi High Council.

Having engaged in dance and gymnastic training in her early years, before her discovery as Force sensitive and enrolment into Jedi training, Omas had a natural athletic ability, and an inherent grace about her. Her physical fitness and agility, combined with her sometimes feisty personality, lead her to the Jedi Guardian school of training. She was exceptionally gifted in both Force guided and non-Force empowered acrobatics, giving her a natural talent in the Ataru form of Lightsaber Combat. She was known for wielding a violet coloured Lightsaber, with a similar hilt as the Lightsabers most often used by Battlemaster Dav Man'Sell.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Omas had a slightly playful persona, and a youthful exuberance, that made her naturally attractive and approachable. She was well spoken, denoting the political Alderaanian family she originated from, and was characterised as often being feisty and impulsive, although her temperament was moderated enough by her training and her intelligence that it rarely impacted her duties as a Jedi.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Aloua Omas is an NPC Jedi soldier and Starfighter pilot of JvS writer Dave Mansell.

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