"Your life is a precious gift. Never waste it on yourself."

Alorlae was a Jedi Healer. She was an "Angel" from Iego.

Appearance Edit

Alorilae usually appears as a beautiful 24-year-old woman with a long, round braid of brown hair and eyes with white pupils and jade-green irises.

History Edit

A Jedi passing near Iego felt Alorilae's presence as a small child. He could feel she was powerful in the Force. He took her to be raised as an apprentice at the Jedi Temple under the most powerful healers at the time. She surpassed her masters, and became known as the healing prodigy.

Later, as a Master, she was the only one who would take on Oraltor Nadon as an apprentice. He had been raised as a Nature priest and now came to the Jedi temple. He had saved her life and consequently had been exiled from his home on Ithor. The Council ruled that Oraltor was far too old to be trained. They sent him away. For two years, she continued to argue and plead, and they eventually conceded. She trained Oraltor.

She continue to go on missions for the Republic with her former padawan, and occassionally even with his padawan, Brulax Ruso. When Brulax started the Free Jedi Order, she went to Rodia to help. After a time, she left to go back to her people on Iego.

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