Name: Alexi Wolf

Race: Human (Mandalorian)

Home Planet: Mandalore

Age: 24

Height: 6'2

Weight: 160lbs

Hair: Depends on the day

Eyes: Green

Distinguishing features: hand to hand combat specialist, loves her Mando Iron

Order/Group: Mercenary Alliance

Rank: Colonel


(2) Verpine Shatter Guns

(2) Vibroblades

(1) DC-17 ICWS

(2) Mandalorian Heavy Blasters


Mandalorian Assualt Armor, painted Black with gold stripes running down the sides and a red visor.

Other weapons

Vibrosword bracers

Repulsorlift boots

Vibroblade gauntlets




Lightsaber Form

Form I: Shii-Cho - Veteran

Form II: Makashi - Veteran

Form III: Soresu - Veteran

Form IV: Ataru - Veteran

Form V: Shien - Veteran

Form V: Djem So - Veteran

Form VI: Niman - Veteran

Form VI: Jar’Kai - Veteran

Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad - Veteran


Brawling - Veteran

Mandalorian Boxing - Veteran

Teräs Käsi - Mastered

Force Powers


Force Concealment - Veteran

Force Jump - Veteran

Force Push - Veteran

Porce Pull - Veteran

Force Wave - Veteran

Force Sense - Veteran

Force Speed - Mastered

Telepathy - Veteran

Speech Comprehension - Veteran


Battle Meditation - Veteran

Breath Control - Veteran

Force Deflection - Mastered

Force Meld - Veteran

Revitalize - Veteran


Force Storm - Mastered

Force Crush - Mastered

Sith Alchemy - Veteran


Force Healing -Veteran

Hibernation Trance - Mastered

Mind Trick - Mastered

Force Persuasion - Mastered


Affiliations: Mercenary Alliance

Titles/Ranks: Colonel of the Mercenary Alliance


Alexi Wolf is a mystery. Born on Mandalore, no one is quite sure who her parents were. One day she was simply dropped off at the home of a couple in Keldalbe. They raised her as their own.

However she was quite different than normal children, even normal Mandalorian children. By age 12 she had already aqquired a job, a catche of weapons, and her very own Bes'uliik fighter.

By age 15 she had already bested the best in the local fighting arenas. By age 16 she left Mandalore with her gear....and quite a gagle of followers. Her small rag-tag Mercenay Outfit quickly took off fighting across the galaxy making a name for herself.

At some point she was contacted by General Thomas Carter of the Mercenary Alliance. At his behest she began leading one of his task forces and became part of the Mercenary Alliance.

Now at age 24 she is one of the best and brightest military minds in the entire MA. She is a n odds on favority to one day command the unit.

A side note: she at one point received training in the Jedi arts. She is the equivelent to a young Master in skill, although her own raw talent is more than enough.

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