Alecto was one of three ships used by the Osarian Guard to anchor assault elements within the Guard's fleet. There were two iterations of the vessel: the original Alecto, a Daedalion/Cresh assault cruiser, and Alecto II, a modified Vindicator-class heavy cruiser.

Alecto was usually escorted by the Vigilant Shadow corvettes Surma and Cerberus.


Alecto--the true Alecto--was built, then mothballed in favor of the less distinctive Alecto II. However, in time the Guard sold off the Vindicator-class that had carried the name, and Alecto was returned to duty.

The CorruptionEdit

Shortly after being reinstated, Alecto was nearly destroyed over Osarian while combating the Corruption. It earned a number of distinctions in this fight; in addition to being the first of the Osarian Guard's vessels to truly engage the Corruption, it became the first of its class to demonstrate the capabilities of the Cresh subclass' core-sleeve dual hull design. On reaching the fight, Alecto pulled alongside the Corruption's Seed, which carried the infection in an attempt to reach Osarian, and began firing ceaselessly while rotating the outer hull in an impressive display of the slugfest tactics for which the ship was built. Later, after the Seed fired a smaller seed at its tormentor, Alecto's "sleeve" hull was infected by the pathogen, only to be separated from the vessel's "core" hull in a second demonstration of the dual-hull design's virtues. The core of the ship survived the battle, while the newly infected sleeve hull, rendered useless to the Corruption by its lack of propulsion, was self-destructed near the Seed, severely damaging it.

Alecto RebuiltEdit

Following the battle, Alecto went into spacedock to await the construction of a new "sleeve" hull. The new hull, however, departed in a number of ways from the traditional design. For one thing, the standard-issue heavy armor plating and shield generators were replaced with a less durable but more conductive amrik-alloy layered hull, additional shielding, and extra powerplant installed to run electricity through the hull plating in order to prevent infection in the future. In addition, nearly all of the new sleeve's lasers and turbolasers were replaced with ion cannon and ion batteries, and a number of the rail cannon integral to the original design were modified to fire slower-moving charged projectiles rather than the fast but inert slugs they normally launched.

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