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47 ABY

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Light Brown

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New Republic




Early Life

Adrien was born on Firrerre to Eli and Evelyn 'Evy' Draykon. Life was simple for the Draykon's who had retired from their life of adventure when they had their first child Tobias. When Adrien was born he had a natural affinity for getting reading people, though as he grew older he had a knack for getting himself into trouble.

When the Empire came their attack on Firrerre was swift and merciless. They killed or captured many Firrerreo in the first night, placing their prisoners on ships sealed away from the hive virus as they were forced to watch their loved ones die, the Draykon children were among the captured, though they, Adrien was 16 at the time.

Those that made it were placed in suspended animation until such time that the Empire could find use for them...but the Empire fell and while most of the shuttles were discovered, the one that the Draykon's had been imprisoned on was not. They remained there for nearly 200 years, floating helplessly in suspended animation until they were discovered by passing pirate ships.

Taken from their slumber, many of the other passengers were sold into slavery. However the Draykon's managed to escape and start anew...

Nearly six months after their escape from the pirate's clutches Adrien and Tobias landed themselves on Coruscant where they found an unexpected blast from the past, Jania Hesas, Adrien's girlfriend from Firrerre. It seemed that her shuttle had been discovered in recent months as well and she had been attending medical school since then. How she had managed to push forward was beyond the Draykon's who were still wanting revenge on an enemy that was long since dead.

Settling in with Jania they spent over a year with her, during that time Adrien almost asked her to marry him...until opportunity knocked that is. Adrien and Tobias were offered a place in a special organization of Force hunters. Making the choice for vengeance over love, Adrien decided that he would go with Tobias and leave Jania behind. He decided that they were too young to marry as it were.

On The Hunt
Adrien was nearly 18 when he joined the organization. He was quick to learn but there was anger in his heart and that concerned his superiors, thought to be a risk in the field he was kept out of active duty until he was able to control his emotions. It didn't take him long to master the art of deception, just a few short months, and he was full active duty. His missions took him long and far in hunt of some of the most notorious force users in the galaxy. The group killed with ruthless efficiency.

During his two year span with the organization he and the others had killed countless force users from all over the galaxy, he had learned several trades from the other members of the group, and he had gotten in yet another romantic relationship with an assassin named Rianne en Arr, a Shi'ido that was responsible for infiltration and given the codename Tricks. Adrien, then known only as Cad, was their silent assassin, an expert in stealth and close combat, he and Rianne worked closely on many missions. They developed a friendship that turned into something more.

On the last mission that they served together, the team had been all but wiped out by the opposition and only Adrien, Rianne, and Tobias, codenamed "Longshot," were left. Lehon had been a treacherous mission and there were only a few that remained on their target list. One being a notorious Captain named Kavis Treg, who killed his way into a position of power. The hunt continued with the three in pursuit until Treg was cornered at the top of a cliff, feeling ambitious Rianne charged him, only to be thrown over the edge, plummeting to her presumed death. Adrien and Tobias then attacked, subduing Treg and wounding him. They left him for dead, to let him suffer as their team had suffered at his hands.

The Draykon brothers left Lehon after that, never looking back to their life as assassins.

The Midnight Shadow
The Draykon Brothers became freelance mercenaries after their departure from the organization, presumed dead with the rest of their team. They dropped their codenames and returned to their birth names, taking jobs as they came. Killing, stealing, extorting, and so on, but they really enjoyed smuggling, the problem was they didn't have their own ship. Their work led them to many different places and they met many new faces, making contacts and gaining safe havens as they went along the way.The 20-something Draykon Brothers came cheap, their prior lives a secret not to be used as reference to their skill. They were often underestimated due to their age but they produced results and were hired quite a bit, making names for themselves by the time Adrien was 23.

Their luck turned better when they acquired a job from Vegga the Hutt through a contact that they had made several months prior, Claude Dieter. Vegga had grown tired of a former employee, Tarrin Saldwick, running independent operations in his territory and he wanted him dead. The Brothers accepted the job without hesitation.

Saldwick was an easy enough target, they got to him within a week and were met with minimal resistance along the way. However, Saldwick was no fool, he knew that someone would be coming for him and he was prepared to make a counter offer that would dwarf the Hutt's offer. Saldwick owned a Wayfarer-class medium transport that was being captained by a man named Krane Wilkins, Wilkins had dropped merchandise on several occasions and it was beginning to affect Saldwick's overall sales from other transports so he decided that he would have something done about it. Saldwick offered the brothers the price that Vegga had placed on his head and in addition they could keep the Wayfarer if they captured Wilkins and brought him back to Saldwick. It was an offer that they simply could not refuse.

After a short game of cat and mouse the brothers finally got the better of Wilkins and captured him. Taking him back to Saldwick to collect the bounty on their newly acquired ship. Their actions did not go unrewarded, Saldwick kept his end of the bargain and they had the money and the ship in their possession.

Though there was reward there were also consequences that would eventually catch up to them several years later.

For the next six years the Draykon's rose to prominence in the smuggling community. A force to be rivaled, eventually growing to be the biggest smuggler crew in the galaxy. They had many ships, many luxuries, and many more opportunities that had not always been afforded to them.

Adrien reunited with Jania, only to end in disaster once again. But a long the way he did find the love of his life, Nika Rodan, a red-headed spitfire with as much stubbornness and bullheadedness that he has. They've had their ups and downs but they've stuck together through it all and they always come back to each other when they are apart. Though they both have enjoyed the pleasure of others company they belong together, and somehow they always knew they would.

Personality and Traits

Personality: Adrien is cool and cocky, he likes to keep his roguish side to the front. He tends to make people dislike him because it's easier for him to stay at a distance from them emotionally, but he himself cannot help but to gain an emotional attachment to them to the point where he would sacrifice his own life to save them. Sometimes he can be rash, over-confident, and impulsive, but most times he plans his moves to excessive detail. He likes to play the fool in some cases, the clown that people tend to underestimate, this is a tactic that he has used to his advantage on many occasions. He also has a liking for the ladies to the point where it supersedes, at times, the job at hand, around them he is very flirtatious though sometimes he doesn't mean to be. Most think of Adrien as a self absorbed rodder that only cares for his own gain, however Adrien often puts his family and friends before himself and others that he has no connection to. In short, he's a thief with a heart of gold.


  • Strong Empathy - Adrien has an impeccable ability to read people and know what they're thinking or feeling, this makes it hard for people to deceive him and play him for a fool, it also has other advantages that work well in many situations.
  • Weapons Expert - He is also an accomplished swordsman, in fact he was once an assassin secret organization tasked with hunting force users and killing them. In addition to his expertise with blades, Adrien in a bit of a marksman, no where near the skill of his brother, Tobias, but he can hit the target.
  • Natural Leader - He has strong leadership skills and the ability to inspire people to follow him. Of course this does not apply to everyone but most.
  • Smuggler's Luck - He has a good sense of danger, the classic line "I've got a bad feeling about this" is often uttered when he has a gut feeling that something is about to go wrong.
  • Additional Skills - Pilot, street savvy, theft, stealth, healing ability (Firrerreon), able to see in the UV color spectrum (Firrerreon), agile, funny/witty, and intelligent. He's mildly tech savvy but it's not really a strength.


  • Emotional Connection - Adrien's biggest weakness is also one of his greatest strengths, his ability to get close to people emotionally. This can cause him to be impulsive, angry, depressed, and a number of other emotional responses that sometimes impede his ability to think rationally.
  • Womanizer - He has a weakness for women, as previously mentioned, in this regard he tends to think less with his head and more with another part of his anatomy. This causes some questionable decisions on his part.
  • Implosive Anger - He has a temper, and while he can control it most of the time, when he is set off it's in a blind rage. It takes a lot of build up to get to this point but when it's there, it's hard to get rid of. The best thing is to let it play out and avoid him...if you can.
  • Force Prejudice - He has an extreme hatred for force users. He is sometimes blinded by it to the point where he would rather kill the magic man than finish what he was doing.
  • Hero-Complex - He has a hero-complex, with a very anti-hero attitude. He has a need to be the hero, though it's purely subconscious, or at least he's not fully aware of it. This often gets him into trouble that he could have avoided.
  • Impulsive - Adrien is impulsive, sometimes acting before thinking...though it's rare that he acts this way outside of an emotional or sexual manner.
  • Cocky, Arrogant, and Mouthy - His mouth gets him into trouble sometimes, often because of his over-confidence combined with his cockiness.
  • Prideful - His pride is also a weakness in some cases, but only to those that threaten it.
  • A Flirt - His flirtatious side is also a weakness, sometimes you just hit on the wrong guy's girl...or girls...sometimes that's fun too.
  • Never Wrong - He's always right (ask Nika for a further explanation lol)
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