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Admiral Z'har Dizen Or'dinii is one of the main characters of user:jedikingzach. He is most widely know for his tactical abilities in space combat. He has however retired ... twice.


Z'har is calm and rational. He will always think over his options carefully before committing himself to any action, and will change his plans at a moment's notice if needed. He can often seem rather cold and brutal to those not used to him. While skilled in fleet command, he often desires nothing more that to be left alone to tend to his company MandalMine Collective.


Before his death, Z'har was a large man, nearly two meters tall (roughly 6 feet, 6 inches imperial) with broad shoulders and a deep chest. Due to a genetic defect his hair, eyes (including the whites), and large patches of his skin were pitch black, appearing to have been recently stained by some very dark ink. While his voice was in the bass register, it was not nearly as deep as his imposing frame would lead one to suspect. As a Zabrak, he possessed the usual cranial horns of his species, with four smaller nub-like horns spaced somewhat evenly across his brow-ridge, and two larger thumb-sized horns as his hairline. Unusually for a Zabrak he did not possess the tribal scarification, as he was orphaned and unofficially adopted by traveling traders before he would have received them. He was however covered in the thick, jagged scars gained from the raider attack.

After his Entechment, Z'har is a small crystal sphere roughly .2 meters (roughly 7 inches imperial) in diameter. Functionally, it is a rather standard holocron with the one notable feature being that it is being inhabited by an actual force ghost instead of the usual guardian.


His most note-worthy ability is his skill in commanding space fleets in battle. He is also rather skilled in robotics and spends a good deal of time tinkering with or designing droids. He is also a trained beskar smith.

In his younger days, before joining the Mandalorians, Z'har discovered that he was able to interact with the force. His primary skill lay in telekinesis and some of the other similar powers, with little to no skill in other areas. He was able to use art of the small, and would often use that to aid himself while smithing beskar. Since he joined the Mandalorians, he has hunted down and removed any evidence of his ability to use the force. Presently, only two people besides himself and Aya know about his abilities. Since his Entechment, he has been completely unable to access the force, though he thinks it may only be a psychosomatic block.


The Admiral has seen and done many things in the ninety-plus years since his birth. He has secretly trained under the tutelage of a pair of force adepts, one a fallen and disgraced Jedi in hiding since before the clone wars, and the other a dark side adept. He joined a militant group rising to the rank of Admiral, and later took that title with him when he joined Mandalorian Clan Or'dinii. He took part in the Mandalorian sack of the Jedi stronghold that would later be called "The Fleeing of Ossus". He rose to the rank of Master Cartographer (Alor'marekar) of the Mandalorian Empire, the sixth highest rank at the time. He spent nearly a decade as Governor of Kamino for Mandalorian Clan Or'dinii. He founded a massive, galaxy-spanning corporation called MandalMine, Which later formed the core of the MandalMine Collective. He Conquered the planet of Geonosis and has continued to ruled there as Archduke until the current date (nearly 40 years). He also, unintentionally became more or less immortal.

A podracer that was sponsored by the Admiral, a Rakata by the name of Dominic came in third place in the "Ylesia - Colony Two" race (held on December 6th to 8th, 2008), and second place in the "Tatooine - Mos Espa" Race (held on January 18th to 20th, 2009).


  • Dominic is a Podracer in the employ of Z'har. He is a 15 year old male Rakata.

Armour, Gear, & Weapons


Z'har's Armour is in all likelihood unique. It is a made up of ten sets of PADS each unit of which has had the exterior face plated in beskar. The armour lacks any obvious visual visor (or head for that matter), with the shoulders continuing up into a sort of hood over the wearer's head. This hood gives the added advantage of extra internal space for components as well as granting additional protection to the head.

A full and complete list of the various instruments and tools connected to the armour is rather difficult to create, due to the modular nature of the armour of the paranoid nature of its owner. However most of the more common functions as well as some notable oddities are listed here. At any given time, the armour is nearly guaranteed to include: a recording system that keeps track of all the sensor input to the armour; various datalink plugs for interfacing with any external computer systems (including a wireless system); a terahertz radar system; an advanced comm system, a video system with 360-degree/360-degree vision (with macrobinocular, IR, UV, low-/bright-light compensation, demolitions sensor, & motion sensing subsystems); & an extremely advanced holoprojector system (able to produce life-like holographic images with 10 meters). Some rarer, but still common systems include: a microrepulsor system able to launcher the suit up to 30 meters; a 30 meters of heavy duty grappling line with a hook and launcher; & an electrical discharge system capable of stunning (or killing) anyone touching the armour. Weapon Systems for the armour include: A small flamecaster; a sonic pistol; a HAW; & a pair of short lightsabres (shoto length, silver colour).

Carried Weapons

Beyond the weapons hidden in his armour, the only weapon Z'har carries is a single beskad. This, comparatively small blade is always prominently displayed at his waist. The hilt and lower half of the blade is a bright silvery colour, while the upper half including the tip of the blade are a brilliant blood-red. This weapon is more often used as a deterrent to keep others from starting a fight that as a weapon.


Z'har carries very little gear beyond his armour. One notable object that he carried until his death was an electrum flute. The flute is on display with several other trophies in his Geonosian palace-fortress of Verias Morta. Other things on display include: a matching pair of Guard shoto lightsabres (dual-bladed, silver blades, water-proofed, and with electrum scrolling on the hilts); a mounted nexu head; & his old suit of beskar'gam. Other properties of note include: a FG 8T8 Twin Block2 Special podracer.

Personal Combat

He prefers to avoid physical combat, as that might risk exposing his Entechment. When combat becomes unavoidable he tends to try and end it quickly with a withering barrage of extremely accurate weapons fire, often utilizing explosives, flamecasters and sonic weapons simultaneously.


Birth & Early Life (12BBY-8ABY)

Z'har Dizen was the first child born to a lower-middle class family of Zabraks on Coruscant twelve years before the Battle of Yavin. Within a year of his birth, his parents had fled the planet for rising fear of the New Empire and the fate of their child, who was displaying unusual and unexplained powers. Eventually, the family settled on a remote agriworld. As time passed the unexplained abilities faded, and where eventually put out of mind. Roughly two years before the Battle of Yavin, when Z'har was ten years old, raiders attacked the planet killing many people in gruesome and painful ways. It was several days before enough people could be gathered to fight back against the raiders, but when the group went to the raider's last known location all they found were dead bodies, a crater, and a mostly dead Z'har. The raiders' deaths would be listed as due to a 'freak meteorite strike'. Unable to secure any bacta, the boy was expected to die shortly afterward. This was not to be though and the boy made a remarkable recovery, though he would bear the gruesome scars for the remainder of his life. After nearly a year of being unable to find anyone willing to care for the boy, he was eventually handed off to a group of traders. For much of the next decade, Z'har would serve as manual labor for the traders, learning many important skills.

First Dawn (8-18ABY)

When he turned twenty, roughly eight years after the Battle of Yavin, he received a small skiff from the traders and set out on his own. During the next five years he traveled from planet to planet doing many challenging, thrilling, dangerous, and often stupid things making money through odd-jobs and small parcels he would buy and sell. While hunting large predators, he discovered an old hermit. The hermit was a disgraced Jedi that had banished himself from the order and had stranded himself on the lonely planet in order to seek redemption some time before the Clone Wars. Sensing the Force potential in Z'har the hermit convinced him to try and learn the ways of the Force. However, after a few years Z'har grew impatient with the hermit and left to resume his travels the galaxy.

Into the Night (18-23ABY)

Some time later, Z'har was approached by a man frantically looking for a place to hide. Z'har agreed to help the man, but before he could be hidden, a bounty hunter appeared and attacked the two of them. The fight was going poorly for Z'har and the frantic man when the man loosed a bolt of lightning from his fingers, killing the bounty hunter. However the strain of the attack was too much for the man to handle and he fainted. Assuming that this strange power was the same as what he could do, Z'har quickly grabbed anything of value from the bounty hunter and carried the force adept back to his skiff. When the adept woke, Z'har questioned him intensely about the power. In the end, the adept agreed to travel with Z'har and teach him all he knew.

The Dawn Forge (23-40ABY; 1.0)

By twenty-three years after the Battle of Yavin, Z'har had joined ranks with a powerful warlord know as Plu. After some time, Z'har rose to the rank of Admiral in the service of Plu. Eventually, the Admiral was sent into the unknown regions in order to find planets and resources that would be useful to Plu. (Story Detailed in "Longest Hour" CHECK AND LINK)

The Long Day (40-80ABY; 1.5)

Returning from his mission with a much reduced and badly damaged fleet, the Admiral discovered that Plu had since changed his name to Or'dinii and joined ranks with the Mandalorians. Following the lead of his commander, the Admiral also joined up with the Mandalorians. Most of the things he is known for happening during this period. He was the Governor of Kamino from 41-50ABY. MandalMine was founded in 43ABY, and became MandalMine Collective in 78ABY. Gained control of Geonosis in 51ABY. Aya & Marcos were 'born' in 58ABY.

Fading Light (80ABY-82ABY; 1.5)

As age began to wear on him, the Admiral began to become more and more preoccupied with the feeling that he was in danger. Eventually deciding to do something about it, he created a prototype time machine. Intending to skip into the future and discover the source of this feeling, the Admiral stepped into the machine and turned it on. For a few seconds everything worked perfectly, and then something happened. Using the emergency kill switch, the Admiral though he had managed to escape unscathed as the machine tore itself apart. Unfortunately for him he was incorrect. Once the machine had finished destroying itself, the same thing began to happen to his body. During the slow and painful process, Aya managed to transfer the Admiral's mind into his holocron. This managed to save him, but at the cost of having to eternally experience the pain of his death with stunning clarity. (Story Detailed in "Death of the Admiral & Second Birth: Into the Night").

New Dawn (82ABY-current; 2.0)

Currently he is still adjusting to his new form and all its abilities. Meanwhile, he has taken his third Mandalorian apprentice, a young Gungan who goes by Nom-Com Or'dinii. His son Marcos has also decided to get more involved in galatic events during this time.

TV Tropes & Achievements

Armour & Entechment Tropes

A custom, self-created suit of armour originally created to give him a surprise advantage in a fight; it eventually became what amounts to his entire body. It is closer in style & form to 'WH40K Space Marine' armour than the 'Iron Man' style that most use. The Admiral designed his armour so that it could function more or less autonomously. The modular nature of the armour allows nearly any newly discovered threat to be later neutralized.

Backstory Tropes

Combat Tropes

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Other Tropes

Jedi vs Sith 1.5 Achievements

  • ...All in defence: Talk someone into attack you.
  • ANARCHY!: Successfully destabilize a city/planet's government.
  • Another Happy Landing: Crash on a moon or planet & survive.
  • Anyone home?: Five posts of just talking to yourself (or things conected to your brain) and answering (at least 5 lines of text each; ten total lines at least).
  • Are You Here to Play or to Watch?: Arrive at 10 battles but avoid all participation.
  • Are you sure?: Make someone start re-thinking their decisions in life.
  • Armor is good: Survive a grenade blast.
  • Balance of the Force: Have any one of your characters change his/her force alignment to every single possible alignment during his/her lifetime.
  • Blind, deaf, and dumb: Kill someone with fewer then 50 posts.
  • Blood on Your Hands: Kill your first Player Character.
  • Bloodline: Have a parent who RPs (IRL or IRP).
  • Boring conversation anyway: Have an In-Character discussion with someone that ends up being boring, but necessary to progress the story.
  •'s finally dawn: Survive a FUBAR situation. (zombie apocalypse, hopelessly outnumbered, city struck by anarchy, etc).
  • Enemy Arms: Use your enemy's weapon against them -OR- Rip off an enemy's arm and hit them with it before they die.
  • Eyes of the devil: Stare down a sith.
  • Falling star: Get to a planet by free falling from orbit.
  • For a red dawn!: Lead an army into battle.
  • Golden tongue: Talk your way out of a fight.
  • Goodnight: Kill someone in their sleep.
  • Got my wings: Successfully purchase a star fighter.
  • Gravity? HA!: Use TK to lift over 500 objects with the same character.
  • Hold it tighter next time: Yank a weapon from someone's hand and kill them with it.
  • I'm in it for the money: Receive a reward for completing a task.
  • I'm going down: Ram something with a starfighter.
  • Insurance policy: Carry more than 1 saber/sword.
  • Just to be sure...: Attack an enemy faction/fleet with five other factions/fleets.
  • Lead pipe: Beat someone in a fight, with something you randomly pick up nearby (ie chair, table, bottle, light pole, building, etc).
  • Let the Force flow through you: Use the Force to win a contest or conflict.
  • Mando-style Clan Award: Share your surname with at least 5 other players on the site.
  • Observationalist: Arrive at 5 battles but avoid all participation.
  • Oops i crapped my pantz: Go up against three to five PC's and survive.
  • Punch it!: Enter hyperspace at least 500 times.
  • Red pill, or the blue pill?: Harvest a lightsabre Crystal Cave.
  • Running Riot!: Kill five other Player Characters with the same person.
  • See, all better!: Recover from a near-death experience.
  • Singing in the Universe, just singing in the Universe...: Post music to go with a scene or post song lyrics.
  • Someday all this will be yours: Own a planet.
  • Someone had to do it: Lay some beat-down on someone who deserves it for their idiotic contributions(either IC or OOC).
  • That's not true! That's impossible!: Reveal a hidden truth.
  • The Buried Past: Have a flashback of the past.
  • The Wild West: Visit every planet in the Western Outer Rim.
  • There is no spoon: Successfully rift from one location to another.
  • There's so many!: Visit fourteen different worlds.
  • This is where the fun begins!: Survive multiple fleet battles.
  • This weapon is your life: Successfully build a lightsabre.
  • Ultimate Role Player I: Have anyone of your characters change his/her occupation (Jedi, Sith, Mando, Traveler, Pirate, etc.) to more than 15 different occupations.
  • Voyeurism: Arrive at a battle but avoid all participation.
  • Wait, who, what?: Become hopelessly confused in a large scale battle.
  • What door?: Break down four sets of doors in less than two hundred posts.
  • Who needs laser mics?: Overhear a conversation without technology or being discovered.
  • Who needs weapons, we have shields: Ram something with a heavy.
  • Why do we fall?: Lose you first flagship in a space battle.
  • Yoda's not the only one...: Be forced to leave your home planet and go into exile.
  • Zoom Out: Kill a PC by blowing them up.

Jedi vs Sith 2.0 Achievements


  • Vode An: Join the Mandos.
  • What Was The Site Called: Have a character that is not a Jedi/Sith.


  • Data Vampires: Lose a post you wrote before you can post it (for any reason).
  • Time Flies: Spend twenty minutes writing a single post.

Post Count

  • Little Toe: Make your first In-Character post.

Story Line

  • 1st Crusade: Take part in the 2013 war between the Mandalorians & the Force-users.


  • Bloodline: Have A child or parent In-Character.


  • Good To Be King: Control a planet.
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