Achi Na-Na was an Ewok Jedi Knight with the Free Jedi Order. He was origionally from the Forest Moon of Endor, but came to Rodia seeking to be trained by Jedi Master Brulax Ruso. Brulax took him to be his padawan learner.

Achi exhibited great power in the Force. He was especially skilled at his powers when he played music. He carried Light-Tonfas, also known as a Guard Shoto. One had a Cortosis hilt, the other made from Cortosis weave. Achi also had a pet Ghest named Blarg.

At Brulax's bidding, Achi left to study under a mysterious being known simply as "the One."

Behind the scenes Edit

Achi Na-Na was played almost completely in 1.0. The player left the country at the begining of 1.5 on a year long trip to Asia. He is expected to resume playing on his return.

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