Aceleus Draays Jenssarai Armor red and silver

Aceleus Draay's Jensaarai amrour

Aceleus Draay’s Jensaarai armor was a highly flexible suit of light armor, covered in spun Cortosis fibers, capable of protecting him from lightsaber attacks. The helmet incorporated a H.U.D, Filter for sifting out bad smells or even toxins or poisons, and contained underwater breathing apparatus as well as being completely air tight if need be. Using Sith alchemy, a basic, generic, frame was constructed before the armour was further customized to represent an animal the wearer could relate to.

Aceleus modeled his armor on a Reek complete with horns attached to the helmet.

Aceleus own armor was constructed from Phrik and Cortosis, the Beskaar iron was the underlay for the armor making it durable and strong yet extremely light. Using a furnace and the art of Sith alchemy the metal was taken to melting point where Aceleus altered the structure of the metal, changing it to a honeycomb structure which made the armour lighter but jsut as strong upon which the cortosis was added. Using Sith alchemy Aceleus melded and bonded the metals together to create a composite. Then the armor was shaped by the use of the force. More personal details were added by hammering the still soft metal or by using the force to augment and bend the armor to the desired shape. Aceleus built his armor in separate stages, starting with the chest plate and finishing with the helmet. The creation of his sand panther armor marked him as a Jensaarai Defender and outwardly showed his new elegance to the order.