Abominable Snowoks are the resulting offspring of an Ewok and Wampa mating attempt. These creatures were first created by accident after a male Ewok belonging to the Famine Lord wandered off during a visit to Hoth. The Ewok came upon the frozen cavern of a female Wampa ice creature. Rather than eat the Ewok, the Wampa mistook the smaller sentient primitive as a potential mating partner. After copulation, the Wampa found itself pregnant. Four months later, the first litter of Abominable Snowoks was born.

These hybrid creatures possess traits from both sets of parents. Like an Ewok, Abominable Snowoks are very short in stature, ranging from a 1 - 1.2 meters in height. Also taken from its fathers side, the Snowoks possess a form of sentience, albeit it small and particularly primitive. Like a Wampa, Snowoks are covered in a thick layer of chalk white hair that serves as a natural protection against Hoth's chilly climate. Curling from the sides of their heads are a small set of horns, similar to that of a ram, and adorning their paws are a curved set of razor sharp claws. The teeth of the Snowok are something of a blend from both parents, as the front rows are formed of dagger shaped incisors, and the back few rows are flattened molars using for gnashing.

Unfortunately Abominable Snowoks are incapable of reproducing among their own kind. They can only be produced through the mating union of an Ewok and a Wampa.

Behind the ScenesEdit

This hybrid species was created by the RPer known as Dragus, who possesses a certain fondness for the Ewok species. Anyone is free to RP these as they may wish, though do keep in mind that they may be best kept to Closed RPs, due to their non-canon nature. From my understanding of the GSTC's judgement on them, they are borderline acceptable for use in the Open universe.

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