Aalia Ra was a Sith, falling to the dark side of the Force during her Jedi apprenticeship. She later turned back as a Gray Jedi before becoming a political and Force neutral co-leader of her family, the Ra Empire. At first believing in the light and dark sides of the Force, she developed a belief in the One and Living Force after befriending and marrying Dominus Lucius, and still retained that belief until her death.

She was known for being a front-runner in operating competent intelligence networks, which she developed alongside Dominus. They specialized in espionage, double agents, sabotage, and political masterminding. She had a half brother who went by the name of Darth Apollyon and a half sister named Isis Reve. She bore six children, the first with Gray Jedi Marshal Yuen and the last five with the former High Jedi Councilor/leader, Dominus Lucius. After Dominus' death, she heavily affiliated with the Dark Jedi through the Black Guard after becoming lovers with her former associate, Jen'jidai Eversio (Walja Clibos). She died in a suicide bombing on Lord Iniquitous, supposedly pregnant with Eversio's child.

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