This is a cannon product. In which its cannon manufacturer is owned by Stark Industries. As such, its product is listed under our product list for conveniences sake.

AV-1s scout armor
Production information
  • GTU (Stark Industries owned subsidiary)

AV-1s scout armor


Powered armor


15,000 credits

Physical and technical specifications

18 kg

Protection type

Weapons fire/hostile environments

Usage and history

The AV-1s scout armor was used for reconnaissance and search and rescue missions. It consisted of tight-fitting plates over a thick suit of flexible airtight mesh. The joints were powered by small, powerful motors and included a form-fitting helmet. It could operated for a day and a half on three standard power cells. It enhanced the wearer's strength and had a full life support system that had a atmospheric analyzer to detect harmful gases in the external atmosphere. It had a computerized targeting system and sensor suite to help the user to see in low light situations. It also had a built-in electrobinocular. It had a repulsorlift that allowed the wearer to fly with a maximum altitude of about 1000 meters.

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