The AK-907 was one of three separate atmospheric fighter designs that were manufactured and tested by DeathTech Industries: The AK-907, AK-555 and the AK-49 were all developed in order to match the increased usage of atmospheric fighters in planet-side battles. Out of those three, the AK-907 was chosen to carry the DeathTech Industries mark as they ventured out into the realm of airborne fighter craft. DeathTech Industries always places pride in the work they do and makes sure to place the artistic touch into every piece of machinery that they produce (as demonstrated by the buffed titanium plating).

The AK-907 is fast, versatile, and hard to kill. It can deliver a heavy punch and take a few as well. The two 30mm chain guns are mounted on either side of the cockpit and are capable of punching through up to 3 inches of durasteel. The concealed ordnance bay can hold a payload of ten separate missiles. The four external hardpoints can mount gunpods, small blaster cannons or missiles/rockets.

Even though the AK-907 is DeathTech's first venture into atmospheric fightercraft, it is in no way inferior to any other similar craft.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

Length: 89.5 meters


  • 7 meters


  • 1.7 meters


  • Medium Durasteel layered with light buffed Titanium plating (with carbon elements added to alter towards a black color.)


  • [2] 30mm Chaingun
  • [10] missile concealed ordnance bay
  • [4] Hardpoints on under body of fuselage


  • 1,100 Km/h


  • 1-Pilot


  • [2] Modified R200 Ion Jet engines (to increase speed by 100 km/h)


  • Chaff
  • [1] Jamming Beam


150,000 credits

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