AK-49 Thunderbolt III

The AK-49 Thunderbolt III was one of three separate atmospheric fighter designs that were manufactured and tested by DeathTech Industries: The AK-907, AK-555 and the AK-49 were all developed in order to match the increased usage of atmospheric fighters in planet-side battles. As well as in maintaining the peace on NOE ruled worlds. The AK-49 was built as a tank-killer. In response to several new and impressive performing armor units the scientists at DeathTech decided it was time to create the check for such units, the answer came in the form of the AK-49. Furthermore, the minds at DeathTech realized that with the increase in fighters there would also be an increase of AA weapons, tanks, and airborne units. So they included several countermeasures including sensor dampening armor to increase the chances of successfully carrying out a strike. The Thunderbolt III also featured a superalloy hull of 9095Durasteel, Ostrine, and Quadrenium with a honeycombed underlaying Durasteel frame. This allowed the Thunderbolt III to take a tremendous beating before suffering from irrecoverable damage. Perhaps the most peculiar of features was the two rather large, very powerful wing-mounted repulsorlift pads. This allowed the AK-49 to perform extreme maneuvers such as barrel-rolls, and 90-degree bank turns. The overall result was an extremely resilient and surprisingly maneuverable fighter craft that could easily serve an anti-armor role as well as provide some fighter-cover.

Technical SpecificationsEdit


  • 11 meters


  • 7 meters


  • 5 meters (landing skids extended), 4 meters (landing skids retracted)


  • 9095Durasteel-Ostrine-Quadrenium Superalloy


  • [1] 8-Barrel 40mm Gatling-Cannon (Fires 40mm AP, HE or Incendiary rounds)
  • [4] Multi-Purpose missile/rocket launcher (4 rounds each)
  • [10] External hardpoints (8 underwing, 2 chin-mounted)[can be used to mount additional missiles, Multi-purpose missile/rocket launchers, gun pods, fuel tanks, bombs or cargo pods]


  • 1,000 Km/h


  • 1-Pilot


  • Chaff
  • Flares
  • Combat De-ionizer
  • EMP Hardened Electronics
  • Jamming Beam
  • Sensor Dampening Armor

Main Gun SpecificationsEdit

The Thunderbolt III's main gun is a 40mm Gatling Cannon

  • Rounds: 1,180 (Can be Armor Piercing, High Explosive or Incendiary)
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1219.2 Meters/Second
  • Firing Rate: 2400 Rounds/Minute


200,000 credits

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