Armored Attack Hover Tank (AAHT)Edit

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The AAHT was designed to be an all purpose tank that had the firepower of a heavy tank, and the mobility of the medium tank despite its heavy armor; a main battle tank, it had repulsorlifts which allowed it to travel over any form of terrain, even making the transition from water to land with relative ease. The AAHT carried a sophisticated sensor system, making it a valuable scouting vehicle for air assaults and similar long-range attacks. It utilized a Heavy blaster cannon turret as its main gun and was self-sufficient in anti-infantry measures as it carried a total of three anti-infantry turrets, ten barrels total. A complete division would need no additional protection from ground forces. The AAHT was, by comparison, a rather inexpensive solution to many of the light-class tank's issues of weak firepower and flimsy armor. Despite its many assets, the AAHT only requires a crew of three [3] humanoids, this was due mostly, to each unit featuring a class 3 AI capable of navigating and otherwise interpreting the relevant data needed for proper armor unit operation.

Technical SpecificationsEdit


  • 10 meters


  • 5 meters


  • 5 meters


  • 14 cm of 9095Durasteel [Heavy]


  • 55.5 Km/h


  • 3 Humanoids
    • Commander
    • One Pilot/AI interface
    • One Gunner


  • [1] Heavy Blaster Cannon Turret
  • [1] Double-Barreled Blaster Turret
  • [2] Quad-Barreled Blaster Turrets


200,000 credits/ Unit




  • Sump, Outer Rim (West)
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