Heavy Class Vehicles (15m+)Edit

Medium Class Vehicles (10-15m)Edit

Light Class Vehicles (0-10m)Edit


35 NPC GeneralsEdit

  • All Taung Mandalorians

Commando-Type InfantryEdit

  • 500 Diadems Supercommandos

Elite-Type InfantryEdit

  • 5,000 Diadems Elites

Standard InfantryEdit

  • 30,000 Diadems Standards
    • Armed with blasters similar to the E-5 along with a Mandalorian Ripper
  • 8,000 Diadems Standard Sharpshooters
  • 5,000 Diadems Standard Anti-Vehicle Troopers
    • Armed with PLX-1 Missile launchers
  • 5,000 Diadems Standard Gunners
    • groups of three with an F-WEB in each group
  • 2,000 Diadems Standard Incinerator Troopers
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